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by Lucia VitiJune 2016
gemini junction

San Diego’s premier country trio Gemini Junction is proud to welcome their debut album of the same name. The yeeeee-ha! of tunes spent years in the making features the talents of JT Moring on vocals, guitar, banjo, bass, jug, and autoharp; Anne Rettic on vocals, five-string viola, and kazoo; and Richie Strell, on vocals, harmonica, spoons, and kazoo. The bluegrass threesome tap into the art of story telling with an eclectic collection of instruments and vocals that include “strange sounds,” metal and wooden spoons, a mountain dulcimer, whistlers, and various and sundry ‘what have yous.’ Prepare to hoot and holler and dance around the campfire.

Gemini Junction’s compilation of stories include such gems as “Pallet on the Floor,” their rendition of a beloved bluegrass tune; “Strange Sound,” featuring dual kazoos; “Reno” and “Catfish,” interesting to say the least; “Watching the World Go By,” with amazing whistling–really; “Skillet Good and Greasy,” sporting banjo, spoons, and jug under the harps and fiddle; and “Never Coming Back,” with a neat guitar section.

While no one can go wrong with Woodie Guthrie’s track “This Land Is Your Land,” complete with a train’s roar and bell, the track titled “Backpage of the Troubadour” carols my favorite story centered on San Diego’s local music scene aficionados: the San Diego Troubadour magazine family. Paying homage to the local gem, the hee-haw triad yearn to see themselves on the back page of the publication. The reminders to “do recording right” sings homage to San Diego’s local music scene champions. To make it on the back page of the Troubadour is comparable to gracing the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. What musical group wouldn’t want to be highlighted in such a stellar publication!

Add-ons to Gemini Junction include Mike Bradley on slide guitar and bass, Jimmy Brennecke on cajon, Barry Brown on piano and bass, and Ian McCartor as a whistler. Additional whistlers and vocalists include the Chorus Troubadourus Mike Bradley, Barry Brown, Ian McCartor, Liz Abbott, Steve Covault, and Peggy Watson.

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