Parlor Showcase

  • Bonnie Wright: A Breath of Fresh Sound

    “So far so good after 20 years of doing this, who knew, as I now look forward to bringing back some of the original musicians I booked in 1997 for the upcoming 2017 series,” exuded Bonnie Wright, the proud music producer of one of San Diego’s best kept secrets: Fresh Sound, a monthly musical concert […]

  • Wait! You guys are still here? The Matching Musical Journeys of Jef and Joel Kmak

    Reading through Jef and Joel Kmak’s musical resume could be categorized as aerobic exercise: Screaming Chickens, Queenie, Dan McLain’s other early projects. Mutt, Blonde Bruce, Hitmakers, Crawdaddys, Saint James & the Voodoo Rockers, Comanche Moon, Joyce Rooks, the Beat Farmers (…and everything Jerry Raney’s cooked up since), the Penetrators, the Flying Putos, Powerthud, Joey Harris, […]

  • Simeon Flick Steps in his Shoes

    “As a young child, I’d never harbored any musical ambitions beyond just being a passive, avid listener—a fan. I occasionally look back on that simpler time and the unbiased lad I was with envy, wishing I could return to just being the pure listener that I was before my head got filled up with the […]

  • FANNY AND THE ATTA BOYS: Punch, Passion, and A Peck of Dirt

      DISORDER ON THE DANCE FLOOR It all began on Tio Leo’s dance floor, when a mutual friend encouraged Fanny to teach Natt some moves. The following gyrations led to his fist making a pretty solid contact with her face. The punch was more embarrassing than painful, and proved a valuable bonding experience. There was […]

  • Tripp (the Light Fantastic) Sprague

    “I’ve been recording since I was a kid,” Tripp Sprague says as he looks around his recording and mixing studio. There is a look of curiosity and enthusiasm in his eye, as though he were seeing this studio of his creation for the first time. “I started out with a four-track cassette system, really primitive […]

  • Stories from Atlantis: Diving for Pearls with Marie Haddad

    At what point in our collective narrative does history pass into mythology and mythology becomes a tall tale? And, lacking the ability to conduct an empirical study, at what point do our legendary tales of yore become “real” by the attention our psyches give those stories, animating them with the power of our imaginations? There […]

  • The Resurrection of Ron Satterfield

    It’s July 15th, and it’s jazz pianist/guitarist and vocalist Ron Satterfield’s birthday. Satterfield is preparing for a performance with flautist and long-time collaborator Lori Bell and versatile percussionist Tommy Aros at the cozy lounge just off the lobby of the Handlery Hotel in Hotel Circle. He’s diligently setting up the PA system, adjusting mic levels, […]

  • The Melodic Improvisation of DANE TERRY

    Dane Terry has always loved music. You begin to recognize this when he speaks, but the moment he picks up his harp… it’s instantaneous. Terry grew up surrounded by musical influences—from the church, his family, and friends to local radio and records. “There was always music around.” He grins. So it shouldn’t come as any […]

  • Archie Thompson Writes his own Ticket

    Archie Thompson, San Diego jazz musician par excellence, leans back in the chair of his office in the First Presbyterian Church on downtown San Diego’s 4th Avenue, in a small office space secreted above the chapel in the balcony, next to the pipe organ. The space is small, filled with his computers, a small drum […]