Parlor Showcase

  • The House That Love Built: Steph Johnson and Rob Thorsen

    Steph Johnson points out the filigree around the front door. The framing is ornate but not ostentatious, revealing the Queen Anne heritage of the house. “The house was built in the 1800s,” she says. Next on the house tour is the guest room, with a beautiful view of the mountains. The home that Johnson shares […]

  • Kindness Personified: Al Howard, Soul Brother No. 1

    Eclecticism and diversity aren’t exactly championed in this culture of ours. In fact, it would appear at last glance that if you can do one thing reasonably well, and you can repeat that thing ad nauseam, you are poised for a successful 15 minutes in any number of artistic disciplines—regardless of whether or not you […]

  • J. OTIS WILLIAMS: Sharp Dressed Jazz Man Keeps It Real

    “Coming at you in a grand fashion, and being heard all over the world at Jazz 88 –dot-org I’m J. Otis Williams.” Chances are, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to John Otis Williams, that voice is instantly recognizable and ultimately unforgettable. Raspy and relaxed, “jazz” is not a single syllable word in […]

  • MERCEDES MOORE Walks the Walk

    From the moment Mercedes Moore takes the stage you can’t look away. She welcomes you to the show, thanks you for coming, and the band rips into its opening chords. As dancers rush to the floor, the smile on Mercedes’ face grows more radiant; you’re in her world and nothing else matters. You might think […]

  • GILBERT CASTELLANOS: Man on a Mission

    Catching up with Gilbert Castellanos can require inside connections, a little mojo, and a dash of good fortune. The San Diego trumpet virtuoso and music educator is always working. Each morning begins with a commitment to the horn. “I try to get up by seven,” says Castellanos. “I’ve been doing this for years. I’ll practice […]

  • CHET CANNON: Welcome to the Church of Right Now!

    I came up the hard way… The Big Man on stage—the one with the white hair and the Wolfman Jack grin—his name is Chet Cannon. He’s a blues shouter and a harmonica player and a drummer and a band leader. He busies himself around his musicians and their microphones and their gear, and he twiddles […]

  • Alicia Previn: Born to Make Music

    Some people are born to make music. In the case of Alicia Previn, that’s no cliché. An incredibly prolific musician, Previn never seems to stand still for long. She has led an incredible life, playing with a multitude of bands, touring the world, recording for major labels, writing children’s books, and much more. Her life […]

  • ALLISON ADAMS TUCKER: A Song for the World

    Allison Adams Tucker looks around at the rafters and the antique tchotchkes and bric-a-brac, which includes a five-foot tall red Pegasus vintage Mobile Gasoline sign on one wall. “I just love it here,” she says. I’m sitting across from her. It’s a warm day, and Adams Tucker is wearing a light pumpkin-colored cotton dress. I […]

  • The Absolute Authenticity of REBECCA JADE

    My first Rebecca Jade experience came about four years ago, actually at the behest of NYC bassist (and former San Diegan) Danny Weller, who was back in town celebrating the birthday of Ella Fitzgerald with an all-star band featuring Peter Sprague, Mikan Zlatkovich, and Duncan Moore. I was flabbergasted. Who was this woman with incredible […]