Parlor Showcase


    Many musicians go the solo route. Some take their place in a band. But for some, it’s when they find the right musical partner that their career really blossoms. Such is the case of the January Berry Band, based around the guitar work of John January and the vocals of Linda Berry. Though considered a […]


    “He’s just an extraordinary musician. He’s one of those rare players whose instrument just seems like an extension of his body and he can pretty much express whatever he feels. I enjoy and admire his adaptability–he’s such a good on-the-fly player, even when a tune gets called that he’s not familiar with. He’s such an […]

  • Tenacious TARYN DONATH Rips It Up… Tears It Up!

    Taryn Donath knew early on that music would resonate in her life. Her challenge was to figure out how to express it. With a supportive family that musically came from “the opposite side of the spectrum,” she definitely had her work cut out for her. Formal training proved non-productive and after four years of piano […]

  • The (R)evolution of Mark Dresser

    I first encountered the force that is Mark Dresser at the tender age of 19, right about the time my adventure in jazz began. He was playing in a small art gallery downtown, with a group that featured vocalist Diamanda Galas, cellist Dave Millard, and multi-instrumentalist Jim French. This would have been in 1978. The […]

  • FUZZY’S GUMBO: Lenny Rankins Stirs the Pot

    When you walk into a Fuzzy Rankins show, there is an element of the unknown. It’s only later that you discover that anticipation is an active ingredient in the Rankins experience. There are also guarantees that go with your entertainment choice. They include, but are not limited to, a highly energetic program that is both […]

  • Sacha Boutros Sings a Song of Joy

    Sacha Boutros looks across our table at me. “How about this one,” she says, “Shine on, shine on harvest moon…” She sways a bit with the magic lilt of the song. Boutros is singing lightly, even still her mezzo-soprano carries to other tables in the restaurant. I see a few smiles as folks glance over […]

  • Johnny Vernazza: Beyond the Blues

    With its scenic beauty, great weather and thriving music community, it’s no surprise that many acclaimed musicians from around the world have made San Diego their home. Such is the case with Bay Area native, guitarist Johnny Vernazza. Best known for his work with 1970’s hitmakers the Elvin Bishop Band, he arrived in San Diego […]

  • Jim Soldi & Rick Sprahawk: Low Brows Taking the High Road–Maximum Fun with Picus Maximus

    Intellectuals and resort towns make for uneasy bedfellows. Because, who wants to actually think when you’re on a work furlough? That’s a fine mindset for a week or two out of the year, but what do you do when you actually live in vacation village 24/7? Do you adopt a slacker mentality 365 days a […]

  • Natural Rhythm: RHYTHM ROSE Gets Back to the Source

    From the gravel in their voice to the tattoos drawn upon their skin, Rhythm Rose is a walking portrait of experience. (Wait a minute, did I just say they? Am I still talking about one person? As various expressions of gender are more widely being acknowledged in our culture, there are certainly some kinks to […]