Parlor Showcase

  • Johnny Vernazza: Beyond the Blues

    With its scenic beauty, great weather and thriving music community, it’s no surprise that many acclaimed musicians from around the world have made San Diego their home. Such is the case with Bay Area native, guitarist Johnny Vernazza. Best known for his work with 1970’s hitmakers the Elvin Bishop Band, he arrived in San Diego […]

  • Jim Soldi & Rick Sprahawk: Low Brows Taking the High Road–Maximum Fun with Picus Maximus

    Intellectuals and resort towns make for uneasy bedfellows. Because, who wants to actually think when you’re on a work furlough? That’s a fine mindset for a week or two out of the year, but what do you do when you actually live in vacation village 24/7? Do you adopt a slacker mentality 365 days a […]

  • Natural Rhythm: RHYTHM ROSE Gets Back to the Source

    From the gravel in their voice to the tattoos drawn upon their skin, Rhythm Rose is a walking portrait of experience. (Wait a minute, did I just say they? Am I still talking about one person? As various expressions of gender are more widely being acknowledged in our culture, there are certainly some kinks to […]

  • Amplified and Electrified, Steve Wilcox Plugs In

    “I’m so blessed,” Steve Wilcox says. “I’ve been blessed throughout my life as far as music goes.” You’d be hard pressed to argue the point. Widely regarded for his virtuosity on guitar, Wilcox has become a master of adaptability. His range of musical expertise encompasses a mixed bag of slow to raging blues, ’40s jump […]

  • Joshua White Embraces a Radical Openness

    Engaging in conversation with piano colossus Joshua White is somewhat akin to experiencing one of his live performances. There will be a natural, if unpredictable arc, it will behoove and reward the witness to pay close attention at all points. It can careen from one topic to the next, but it will highlight a unifying […]

  • From Across the Pond: Dave Humphries Brings a Bit o’ British to San Diego

    The world, and its inhabitants, is a swirling dialectic of complementary opposites; nationalism distinct from globalism–the sovereign individual in grand contrast to the sprawling collective. It’s a cosmic push me-pull you choreography of capitalism, socialism, communism, and humanism–all trying to tap you on the shoulder, asking if they can cut in and assume the lead, […]

  • The House That Love Built: Steph Johnson and Rob Thorsen

    Steph Johnson points out the filigree around the front door. The framing is ornate but not ostentatious, revealing the Queen Anne heritage of the house. “The house was built in the 1800s,” she says. Next on the house tour is the guest room, with a beautiful view of the mountains. The home that Johnson shares […]

  • Kindness Personified: Al Howard, Soul Brother No. 1

    Eclecticism and diversity aren’t exactly championed in this culture of ours. In fact, it would appear at last glance that if you can do one thing reasonably well, and you can repeat that thing ad nauseam, you are poised for a successful 15 minutes in any number of artistic disciplines–regardless of whether or not you […]

  • J. OTIS WILLIAMS: Sharp Dressed Jazz Man Keeps It Real

    “Coming at you in a grand fashion, and being heard all over the world at Jazz 88 —dot-org I’m J. Otis Williams.” Chances are, if you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to John Otis Williams, that voice is instantly recognizable and ultimately unforgettable. Raspy and relaxed, “jazz” is not a single syllable word in […]