Highway’s Song

  • Scott Mulvahill: Storytelling on the Upright Bass

    Scott Mulvahill plays a quick triplet that drops down to a low note on his bass. The sound is loose and growly. His right hand makes contact with the ebony fingerboard, producing a sharp slap; he then raps on the body of the bass. He plays a high note, sliding it up and letting it […]

  • The Subdudes: Where the Streets Meet the Choir

    There is a reason why New Orleans is frequently referred to as “the cradle of jazz music.” It’s the place where the ingredients from the original gumbo stew of a historical musical migration took place. An international slavery port in the 1800s, it brought about a unique blend of an indigenous culture with native Americans, […]

  • The Beat of a British Rocker Carries On: Eric Burdon’s Lion in Winter

    The music never ends. When it began, we can’t say. But, listen to the voice of the age and you’ll hear Eric Burdon. Listen. The bass hums and brings on an intense beat that moves in sync with cymbals, a loud surf guitar drones, thunders, and crashes into wall of distortion as cello and violin […]

  • Squirrel Nut Zippers Bring Christmas Joy to the Belly Up

    When the Squirrel Nut Zippers’ Jimbo Mathus was growing up he was nurtured by some of the great traditions of the Deep South. As a music-loving outdoorsman, Mathus’ father, Jimmy, brought his son up in the railroad crossroad town of Corinth, Mississippi, hunting, fishing, and training horses and dogs for hunting. And there was the […]

  • The Kingston Trio Carry On

    “In my youth, they changed pop music, and me with it.” –Richard Corliss, Time magazine on the Kingston Trio So, let’s take a trip to the past for a paragraph or two. It’s the much-anticipated Troubadours of Folk Music festival in a football stadium at UCLA in 1993. It seems like everyone is there: Arlo […]

  • Joan Baez: In the Flow of History

    Over the last six decades her voice is forever etched in the consciousness of the American spirit. Hers is the voice our truest heart, tapping into our sense of justice and equality. –Anonymous With a career born in the fire of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and ’60s, Mexican-Scottish-American folk icon Joan Baez […]

  • Tower of Power: Their Long and Rewarding Road

    Legendary soul/funk band Tower of Power returns to San Diego for an appearance at the KAABOO Festival on September 14. Best known for hits such as “You’re Still a Young Man” (#29, 1972), “So Very Hard to Go” (#17, 1973), and “What Is Hip?” (#91, 1974), the ten-piece band formed in 1968. Tower of Power […]

  • “Some Enchanted Evening(s)” and Days Set for Tiki Oasis

    To think that the opening night party will be launched at a restaurant called Bali Hai. How absolutely appropriate. This year’s Tiki Oasis celebration–where the adjectives sublime and kitsch are often lined up at the same intersection–will have as its theme, “South Seas Cinema.” With an added day slated this year, the festival will run […]

  • From Downey to Lubbock: Dave Alvin and Jimmie Dale Gilmore

    It seems music is like the earth, the land, the highways… all joined together, connected and flowing like its own river of love. –Anonymous On the surface, the land from Lubbock, Texas to the Southern California suburb of Downey have little in common. From the busy freeways southeast of Los Angeles that lead west to […]