Full Circle


    Renaissance (as defined by Merriam-Webster): rebirth, revival; a movement or period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity. Revolution (as defined by Merriam-Webster): the action by a celestial body of going round in an orbit or elliptical course; a sudden, radical, or complete change in political organization, especially the overthrow or renunciation of one government or […]

  • The Pamela Des Barres I’m with the Band Rock Tour

    The 6400 block of Hollywood’s Sunset Boulevard is a busy place on Sunday mornings. On one side of the street is Amoeba Records, one of the largest, hippest record stores on the planet. Across the street is a perennial hamburger stand (now a Jack in the Box) where Ricky Nelson once crooned ’50s teenyboppers in […]

  • The Anthology of American Folk Music: Hanging Out in the Ozone with HARRY SMITH

    PART TWO If everybody were an artist, there wouldn’t be any wars. — Harry Smith (1923–1991) In the age of information, where knowledge is the key to living a conscious existence, there is certainly no bliss in choosing to remain ignorant about the world that we cohabit. And in a materialist-consumer society such as ours, […]

  • Between Fact and Friction: Hanging Out in the Ozone with HARRY SMITH

    ART: the conscious use of skill and creative imagination acquired by experience, study, or observation. I think that it’s important that people be aware of some of the creative ways in which some of their fellow men are deviating from the norm. Because, in some instances, they may find these deviations inspiring, and might suggest […]

  • Rebecca Stout and the Magic of Flatfoot Dance

    When I first met Rebecca Stout in Pasadena she was covered in dirt standing between a goat and chicken, and she had a purple ribbon pinned to her dress. It was a May evening in 2014 and my old-time group, the G Burns Jug Band, had just arrived for a gig at the Urban Homestead, […]

  • Remembering Willie Dixon: July 1, 1915–January 29, 1992

    It doesn’t seem possible that it’s been 25 years since the passing of bluesman Willie Dixon. Willie lived life exactly like he wrote songs—simply, without pretense and gut level. A huge presence in both girth and talent, Dixon became a voice for the mistreated and broken-hearted. He was gifted in musical arrangement and composition; even […]

  • Sideman in the Spotlight: LAURENCE JUBER

    Music may be many things to many people, but it is primarily an emotion delivery system. When you throw a disc upon the turntable and press “play,” what sort of experience are you expecting? Since context is crucial to understanding anything in this world, it all depends upon where you’re standing at any given moment. […]

  • Clint Davis’ Journey to the Motherland, Part Two

    ….in which we learn the fate of San Diego’s G Burns Jug Band as they travel to the historic homeland of jug band music. Louisville, Kentucky is a special place to me. It has always been a town I knew and explored primarily through music. I grew up in a small community nearby where, like […]

  • A Jug Band Pilgrimage in Two Parts: Clinton Davis Pays a Visit to his Old Kentucky Home

    In September of this year, San Diego’s very own folk group G Burns Jug Band was invited to Louisville, Kentucky to perform at the National Jug Band Jubilee (yes, it’s a real thing). The Festival was founded in 2005 to celebrate the southern tradition of jug blowing, which dates back at least a century to […]