Full Circle

  • A Story About Frequency Modulation

    When Stephen Hawking died, I figured I better try to sound smart. So I read Hawking’s Brief History of Time “cover to cover,” first the front cover, then the back cover. Plus, I stared at a few pictures inside as I tried to become one with such concepts as “particle-wave duality.” Yet, in the myriad […]

  • Tell Me a Story: A Tradition Immersed in History

    Once upon a time… Everyone remembers the magic of a bedtime story, when tales of princesses and witches transported you from your bedroom to a land of enchantment and happily ever after, or the camping trip when a well-told ghost story kept you quaking and sleepless with fear in your tent. From childhood onward we […]

  • Blind Boys of Alabama Leader Clarence Fountain Passes

    “He woke me up early this mornin’. And I was clothed in my right mind. And the blood was still runnin’ warm in my veins. Yet somebody out there is too mean to say thank you Jesus, for another day’s journey.” That was the way Blind Boys of Alabama’s Clarence Fountain used to introduce “Look […]

  • C’mon Baby Take a Chance with Us: Breaking Down the Doors

    Let’s reinvent the gods, all the myths of the ages Celebrate symbols in deep elder forests [Have you forgotten the lessons of the ancient war] Do you know we are being led to slaughters by placid admirals & that fat slow generals are getting obscene on young blood Do you know we are ruled by […]

  • NOTES FROM A TRUCK STOP: The Drunken Fool

    The desert is a hot place. A hot place to work. A hot place to sleep. A hot place to do anything, but there we all stood. Yes, we, just a bunch of us hard-core desert truckers, waiting outside a desert bar oasis known as the “Whispering Palms.” A sort of whiskey oasis for the […]

  • My Brother Was a Mother: A Zappa Family Odyssey

    There have been countless books written about Frank Zappa, who remains one of the greatest enigmas of rock ‘n’ roll. Attempts are made to understand his thought and artistic processes. Was he even a rock star? Jazz-prog musician? Avant-garde composer? Performance artist? Vaudeville troupe leader? He rose to the status of philosopher king and rock […]

  • San Diego Was Smokin’

    Back before Nashville became “the home of country music,” and the music was still called country and western, the San Diego area was a major center for the genre. The 1930s brought thousands of Dust Bowl refugees into the state, while the 1940s and the outbreak of World War II brought even more folks from […]

  • Into Open Space and Time: Berkley Hart Celebrate 20 Years

    “Jeff and I have been playing as Berkley Hart for 20 years. In band years, that’s, like, 100!” So states Calman Hart when thinking about this milestone he and Jeff Berkley have accomplished. To mark this anniversary, the critically acclaimed and well-loved duo will return to Poway OnStage for “Wreck ‘n’ Show” on Saturday, April […]

  • Westward Ho! Will John Henry Talk to the iGeneration?

    How do four folk musicians keep a hundred kids’ attention for 40 minutes? With today’s youngsters, born and raised on flashy multimedia, the answer is not obvious. This was our first concern in developing a traditional music program for the classroom, but in the course of the project we learned that the secret ingredient may […]