Full Circle

  • San Diego Was Smokin’

    Back before Nashville became “the home of country music,” and the music was still called country and western, the San Diego area was a major center for the genre. The 1930s brought thousands of Dust Bowl refugees into the state, while the 1940s and the outbreak of World War II brought even more folks from […]

  • Into Open Space and Time: Berkley Hart Celebrate 20 Years

    “Jeff and I have been playing as Berkley Hart for 20 years. In band years, that’s, like, 100!” So states Calman Hart when thinking about this milestone he and Jeff Berkley have accomplished. To mark this anniversary, the critically acclaimed and well-loved duo will return to Poway OnStage for “Wreck ‘n’ Show” on Saturday, April […]

  • Westward Ho! Will John Henry Talk to the iGeneration?

    How do four folk musicians keep a hundred kids’ attention for 40 minutes? With today’s youngsters, born and raised on flashy multimedia, the answer is not obvious. This was our first concern in developing a traditional music program for the classroom, but in the course of the project we learned that the secret ingredient may […]

  • Fanfare for an American Maverick: Ruth Crawford Seeger

    Say the name, and the action is clear: Xerox, to copy; Google, to search; Maverick, to go it alone. The latter (the refined term is eponym) comes by way of Samuel Maverick, an early twentieth-century Texas drover who refused to brand his calves. Without a burnt-flesh insignia, cowboys couldn’t tell one cow from another. But, […]

  • MUNDY, MUNDY: The San Diego Jazz Community Remembers a Quiet Giant

    At 10:43 a.m. on December 2, electric guitar explorer Mundell Lowe made a peaceful transition into the next world surrounded by loved ones at the age of 95. Mr. Lowe remained musically active until the very end, knocking out the audience gathered for his birthday concert at Dizzy’s in Pacific Beach last April with an […]

  • Jesse Davis: Still Singin’ and Swingin’ After All These Years

    One of the true legends of San Diego’s music community, Jesse Davis has had an amazing life in music. A sophisticated vocalist and showman he has been a staple of San Diego’s clubs and lounges since he arrived in 1970. His career has seen him release dozens of recordings, most recently the album It’s About […]


    I caught wind that 2017 is the 50th anniversary of the release of Love’s seminal record Forever Changes, an occasion that I couldn’t let pass without a tribute listen to the revered 1967 album. I was mesmerized all over again by the range of materials: acidic rock guitar, marching rhythms, sad Mariachi horn sorties and […]

  • Tom Petty: A Fever Dream Come True

    It’s October 20th, 2017, and it seems insane and cosmically cruel that Tom Petty is not around celebrating his 67th birthday with his family and friends. That tragic fact brings tears to my eyes. More than likely it has a similar effect on you. It’s a mathematical inevitability that our cultural heroes born in the […]

  • Aloha Walter and Donald: Piercing the Veil Through the Zen of Steely Dan

    Crassness is contagious. Fortunately, so is intelligence—which is why listening to Steely Dan is good for you…if you don’t find 80 percent of Gaucho to be hilarious, don’t vex yourself with The Larry Sanders Show. — Ian MacDonald, The People’s Music Crack the code, solve the crime. — Special Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks   […]