Front Porch

  • A Chance Discovery Illuminates John Coltrane’s Search for Unity

    Developing an appreciation for the music of John Coltrane is almost a requirement for all serious musicians, students, historians, and fans alike. My contention is that this practice represents the ultimate reward in and of itself. Coming to terms with ‘Trane’s enormous contribution should not feel like work; rather, it is an enduring joy and, […]

  • A Glorious Day of Blues by the Bay: The San Diego Blues Festival

    That stomp under the sun, the San Diego Blues Festival, is back with us again for its eighth consecutive year. Scheduled for Saturday, September 8, from noon to 8pm on the Marina Embarcadero North, the one-day festival has been a San Diego hallmark since 2011, having presented area audiences a virtual royalty of contemporary blues […]

  • Summergrass Welcomes Back Bluegrass Etc. and Virtual Strangers

    Summergrass San Diego celebrates 16 Years strong this year at the historic Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum in Vista, on August 17-18-19, with three terrific days of bluegrass fun and activities for the whole family. This year’s event proudly brings these stellar bands to our mainstage: Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers, the Scroggins […]

  • The Sea Chantey Festival: A Lifeline to our Nautical Past

    All Hands on Deck My now-adult son has vivid memories of his fourth-grade overnight aboard the Star of India. He was assigned galley duty, which involved a special pudding, chasing rats* below decks, and standing watch at midnight looking at the stars. The Maritime Museum of San Diego has been serving up such historic memories […]

  • Lou Curtiss RIP: July 2, 1939—July 8, 2018–The King of Vinyl

    The King of Vinyl has died. Lou Curtiss, founder and owner of San Diego’s Folk Arts Rare Records for 47 years, and founder of the San Diego Folk Festival, passed away at his home on July 9, according to his wife, Virginia. The San Diego Troubadour reported the news as follows: I am very sad […]

  • Country Rockin’ with the Rebels

    Mike Head sits in his Cabeza Records music studio in San Carlos, discussing his band, the Country Rockin’ Rebels. “We’re not re-inventing the wheel here,” he says. “In music a lot of the time, that’s the case too.” They are in the gradual process of recording their third full-length CD, with the working title Little […]

  • Steve Denyes: Rock Star of the Preschool Set

    Steve Denyes’ biggest fans are small. Probably the smallest folks around. They are preschoolers, kindergarteners, and lots of other people with baby teeth and scraped knees. Denyes is the front man, the singer with the guitar, and one half of Hullabaloo, which has, over the last 14 years, been noted for being one of the […]

  • Local Musicians to Honor Jeffrey Joe with Tribute Concert and CD Release

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since Jeffrey Joe passed away. However, the spirit of the man who radiated love and music and made us all laugh lives on in each of us. We all have our stories to share… and so we have… One of the things his friends enjoyed was […]

  • Ron Bocian: Euphoric About Brass

    His tale is one of three cities, and several groups, but with one overriding theme: brass bands. In this age of guitars and keyboards and pedals that mimic orchestras, Ron Bocian is a drummer who knew he was destined to keep time early on learning polka beats in his Croatian neighborhood in Chicago at age […]