Front Porch

  • Kevin Roth and the Deviant Dulcimer

    Wake-up call What would you do if the doctors gave you a three-year prognosis? Seriously?! For most of us, this is at most an interesting thought exercise; for Kevin Roth, in 2015, it was his reality. Kevin won that round with the statistics and now lives with a new outlook on life and its possibilities. […]

  • Catching Up with Danny Green

    This year is turning into a big year for Danny Green. Last month the jazz pianist and educator received the Best Jazz award at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards. And the Danny Green Trio has just released their latest CD, One Day It Will (reviewed in next month’s issue). The new disk builds on […]

  • Havin’ Some Fun with the Bedbreakers

    How do you not want to sit down and talk with a band called the Bedbreakers? No one really knows where the name came from although the consensus is it originated from “a late night, beer-fueled ‘marketing research session” and the Bedbreakers just happened to be the last name not crossed off the list. That […]

  • Brasil Jazz Festa at Dizzy’s!

    Brazil is roughly the same size, geographically, as the continental United States, with a little more than half of our own population. And yet that Portuguese-speaking South American nation has even more musical styles than our own—which has given the world everything from jazz to country, gospel to blues, bluegrass to Cajun, and rock ‘n’ […]

  • Freedom Guitar’s Farewell

    Few instruments inspire the feeling of freedom the way the guitar always has. They can’t offer the versatility of an expressive voice you can carry around, play nearly any musical style on, learn and teach with relative ease, and create improvisation with so marvelously. It’s probably the reason why there are no stores called Freedom […]

  • Jamie Drake Finds her Voice Through Words and Music

    On stage, Jamie Drake brings to a conclusion a heart-felt ballad, one of her own. And before the echoes of her clear soprano voice finish resounding through the hall, she starts another original tune. Cookies and milk, go together perfectly. Don’t you wish you had a cookie tree? The children’s song brings smiles to the […]

  • Thoughts from a Truck Stop

    From the Archives Back in the early days of the Troubadour, around 2001-2002, we had a writer whose columns I would always look forward to. His name was Les Brennan; his pen name, which he and Lyle Duplessie cooked up, was Jimmy Diesel White. The thing is, I’d have to call him multiple times to […]

  • Johnny Ciccolella: A Man of Art (1957-2018)

    On Friday, January 19, Johnny Ciccolella woke up for the last time. That morning he suffered a stroke that was catastrophic. Very suddenly, I was among a swelling group of family, friends, and acquaintances who were trying to absorb the news, still looking for hope that he would survive. I dared to think that I’d […]

  • Nathan Raney: A Beat Farmer’s Son Sows His Own Seeds

    I see nothing on the Horizon I see nothing from where I came I have nothing but the planks I lie on While my minds floating away —Nathan Raney, “Dead Sea” Nathan Raney’s new self-titled album opens with the notes of a lonely guitar, an acoustic steel string with plenty of live timbre and string […]