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  • Dodie Stevens Chimes in on Teen Stardom, Japanese Anime, Anti-Bullying, and Those “Pink Shoe Laces”

    What do you do for a second act? For Dodie Stevens, the former teen vocalist who originally hit the charts during a golden period for novelty records, the current status report at this juncture is that her career is still very much a work in progress. There’s her resume as an in-demand accompanying vocalist, her […]

  • Bringing the History of Music Products to Life: The Museum of Making Music Plans a Complete Renovation

    The Museum of Making Music recently announced that after several years of planning, the beloved institution will undergo a complete renovation as it continues to serve and grow its audience’s appreciation for and understanding of music products, their history, industry, and related cultural impact. Opened to the public in 2000, this is the first full-scale […]

  • Harmonica Story

    It was a hot, breezeless night, and there were no dry arm pits at the Javanican in Pacific Beach. The Grand Avenue Coffeehouse, two blocks south from the goony bar crawl of Garnet Avenue, was a location with the mutual benefits of being quieter and more isolated: you can actually hear the sticky roll of […]

  • Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan at the Crossroads

    Book Review Author Greil Marcus made a name as rock critic by insisting that the tide of history is directly mirrored by the pop music of the period. This can make for exhilarating reading, because Marcus is, if nothing else, an elegant stylist given to lyric evocation. But it is that same elegance that disguises […]

  • A Love Letter to Blonde Bruce (1953-2020)

    “Blonde” Bruce Thorpe was once a living legend in San Diego, and today he passed on to perhaps live another larger-than-life existence in some other far away universe. I first met Bruce sometime around 1982 or’83, shortly after he moved from Phoenix to San Diego. My first recollection of ever seeing him, was sitting on […]

  • How Did I Get Here: My Journey into the World of Concert Photography

    The question was: How did you get here? How did you make the journey from musician to concert photographer? Thinking on that, I found that the answer actually might be more revealed in the question of who is a concert photographer? Based on my observations and friendships with fellow concert photographers, I believe the following […]

  • Drummer Al Schneider Has More than a Few Stories to Tell! Part 2

    (To recap, from part one) Bigger things were looming on the horizon, although the route toward them was going to be circuitous. “I was playing a club called the Tomcat in Torrance in about 1968. Guys used to come in to make special appearances and the house band would back them up. There would be […]

  • An Open Letter to the San Diego Music Community

    Dear Friends, We’re making a documentary film about our own Lou Curtiss, called Recordially Yours: The Lou Curtiss Story and we need your help. Readers of the San Diego Troubadour know Lou Curtiss from his monthly “Recordially, Lou Curtiss” column, which has been running since the first issue was published in October 2001 and has […]

  • Drummer Al Schneider Has More than a Few Stories to Tell!

    PART ONE It’s undoubtedly a common misperception among music fans that people in “the business” exist in some rarified dimension apart from regular folk. They descend from some gated realm in the clouds to gift us with their musical creations, bestowing upon us a small taste of the delights that reside therein. Nothing could be […]

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