Front Porch

  • Ted “T” Herring: Blind DJ’s world was filled with light

    A college campus on a Saturday night can be a desolate outpost to most people, but to Ted “T” Herring it was his window to the world. Known to the public only as “T,” Herring hosted his “Every Shade of Blue” radio broadcast on the campus of San Diego City College for nearly every Saturday […]

  • Yael & Vlady: Heart and Soul of Big Boss Bubeleh

    Café Europa is a bar and restaurant tucked away between a car wash and a VFW hall on Pacific Beach’s Turquoise Street, a seldom discussed passage that forms the official border between La Jolla and the funkier beach communities to the south. Its relative geographical obscurity is fitting, in that the Café has tried to […]

  • Get Your Art and Music On! Art Around Adams Is the Place to Be!

    The fifteenth annual Art Around Adams music and artwalk takes place June 2 along a two-mile stretch of Adams Avenue, in Normal Heights and Kensington. The free, all-ages event is a grass roots street fair with a difference: no street closures, no vendors in the street. The focus here is on the community with almost […]

  • Gator Opening Night: Gypsy Jazz, Van the Man’s Daughter, and the King of Slydeco!

    It must be obvious by now that Spain’s imperial ambitions were arrested too soon for her to build, as the French did, in New Orleans, a full-blown capital city, which might have well been the capital of the United States if Napoleon had not sold for cash the huge interior that La Salle had claimed […]

  • All Those Glittering Notes: The Music of Richard Thompson

    My favorite sentences in my favorite jazz book ever come from Kansas City Lightning: The Rise and Times of Charlie Parker. The lines arrive near the end when author Stanley Crouch is at his summarizing best; he notes that jazz, a performer’s art, involves “navigating a landscape in which spontaneous creation whizzes by in layered […]

  • Kevin Roth and the Deviant Dulcimer

    Wake-up call What would you do if the doctors gave you a three-year prognosis? Seriously?! For most of us, this is at most an interesting thought exercise; for Kevin Roth, in 2015, it was his reality. Kevin won that round with the statistics and now lives with a new outlook on life and its possibilities. […]

  • Catching Up with Danny Green

    This year is turning into a big year for Danny Green. Last month the jazz pianist and educator received the Best Jazz award at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards. And the Danny Green Trio has just released their latest CD, One Day It Will (reviewed in next month’s issue). The new disk builds on […]

  • Havin’ Some Fun with the Bedbreakers

    How do you not want to sit down and talk with a band called the Bedbreakers? No one really knows where the name came from although the consensus is it originated from “a late night, beer-fueled ‘marketing research session” and the Bedbreakers just happened to be the last name not crossed off the list. That […]

  • Brasil Jazz Festa at Dizzy’s!

    Brazil is roughly the same size, geographically, as the continental United States, with a little more than half of our own population. And yet that Portuguese-speaking South American nation has even more musical styles than our own—which has given the world everything from jazz to country, gospel to blues, bluegrass to Cajun, and rock ‘n’ […]