Front Porch

  • Be Love. Be Still. A Story of Jeffrey Joe Through a Facebook Lens

    Shortly after I met Jeffrey Joe, I asked him to tell me his story. He responded with a Facebook link to a note titled “Past, Checkered” wherein he had penned the story of his amazing life in bullet points. From moving around as a Navy brat to calling San Diego home; from the Summer of […]

  • The Art of Flamenco Guitar in Concert

    Scot Tabor is clearly enthused. He comes close to stammering as he speaks. “You bet I’m excited!” he says. “We’re putting on a big show! Tabor is the owner of Paper Moon Music, the highly praised music instruction studio in Ocean Beach. Though there is much to keep him excited—a busy schedule of educating eager […]

  • Two OB Music Programs Strong in Variety and Quality

    It has been a long accepted assumption (although it is actually ‘fact’) that musicians and those who support them often eat on the run. Locally, one of the best examples of the human engine running may be found at Hugo’s, a popular Mexican eatery along busy Sunset Cliffs Blvd. in Ocean Beach. For the last […]

  • Shane Hall: Outside the Wire

    When your name is followed by the words singer/songwriter, two things are almost mandatory. First, you must possess a vast array of musical skill sets and second, you better have thick skin. Lucky for us, Shane Hall is totally focused on the prior and just shakes his head and laughs at the rest. “A lot […]

  • Jeff Lee: A Man of Music, Joy, and Laughter

    “If we think back on what we were doing 20 years ago and reflect on how recent it feels in the present moment, it gives us an idea of how quickly the next 20 years will progress,” true words spoken by a longtime friend, fellow musician and occasional guitar student. His name was Jeff Lee, […]

  • Lindsay White Is Ready for the Main Event

    In the last few years, singer-songwriter Lindsay White has been on the ropes, struggling against life’s hits that seem to keep on coming. But that doesn’t mean she hasn’t landed a few of her own punches; moments to celebrate and victories to cherish, one of which is the pending release of her first solo record […]

  • Remembering Lou Fanucchi

    In 1996, I was determined to do whatever I could to get out of a gig. Specifically, it was a concert at LA’s Museum of Tolerance, and it was my first. Bandleader Yale Strom had exerted an inordinate amount of pressure on me to sing a few numbers—in my newly-acquired Yiddish—with Hot Pstromi. After I […]

  • Big Kitchen: The Musical Returns to San Diego!

    Judy Forman hurries from table to table, checking on the breakfasts of the outdoors diners. It’s Sunday, and the Big Kitchen is packed. She pauses ever so briefly. “We’re going back on Broadway!” she says as she seats folks at a table. Forman is talking about The Big Kitchen: A Counter Cultural Musical, the stage […]

  • Josh Stotler’s Wooden Wonders

    The acoustic bass guitar bears a shape that hints back to the early Hofner model played by Paul McCartney when the Beatles hit it big. A closer look at the neck shows four fret inlays in mother of pearl, each an identical copy of the four mop tops’ iconic silhouettes from the photo on their […]