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  • The Beat Farmers’ 10th Annual Hootenanny—Come See if We Survive

    If you grew up near Bancroft and Campo Road in the mid-’80s, there’s a good chance your favorite dive bar was the Spring Valley Inn. And if you walked into your favorite dive bar on a Saturday night, there’s a good chance you might have seen Mojo Nixon, jumping around the stage, drumming a five-gallon […]

  • Peasants, Poets, and Pagans: A Little Yuletide History

    Here in San Diego we just experienced “Daylight Savings,” when we all moved our time keepers back one hour. Each day, it becomes darker sooner. Even in sunny San Diego we can get into the holiday spirit as each day grows shorter and shorter—until we reach the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night […]

  • Karl Denson’s Universe Is not so Tiny

    No serious music aficionado will admit to relying on Pandora. But if I were to rely on a Pandora-like algorithm, I’d place Karl Denson’s Gnomes and Badgers somewhere between the Robert Cray Band and Steely Dan. Of course, that ignores every other influence that Denson has poured into his new album. What about the hard-driving […]

  • Everybody Has a Song Within:, a Transformative Songwriting Workshop Series

    Q&A with local performer and songwriter Astra Kelly about her new transformative songwriting workshop series, called 1. Who is Astra Kelly? I‘m a good ol’ midwestern girl livin’ the dream in California. I’m proud to have built a career as an artist/musician, performer, singer/songwriter, producer, and vocal/songwriting coach. I’ve been wholeheartedly committed to a […]

  • Spotlight on Carl Sonny Leyland at S.D. Jazz Fest’s 40th Anniversary

    Located in the South East of England, Southampton is a city that exudes pride in both its storied past and its more contemporary history. It is a tourist magnet for vacationers who flock to gaze at vessels dating back to centuries. Many Sotonians—that’s what the locals call themselves—still look back at 1976, when the former […]

  • It’s all the Buzz—Queen Bee’s Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

    Queen Bee’s Art and Cultural Center celebrates its 10th anniversary next month with 12 days of special events, including this year’s Beatles Fair. Founded by Alma Rodriguez, aka the Queen Bee, in 2009, today the building at 3925 Ohio St. is not only one of the cornerstones of the North Park’s artists community, it’s also […]

  • Overcoming Adversity: Greg Vaughan Comes Full Circle

    A nagging question sometimes rolls around my head as I see today’s youth-centered culture. Is artistic success and creative growth only for the young? Do we, indeed, burn out, fade away, and rust down to nothing in the inevitable impermanence of life? It comes in various forms as I speed my way through television streams, […]

  • Forbidden Pig Tales: Friends Remember Billy Bacon

    I loved the thought of being a “Forbidden Pig.” I had that illuminating realization that we all were Forbidden Pigs in the middle of my first Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs experience. Back in the day I only saw them a couple of times, but the music played in my head and on my […]

  • Refugee Songs: A Musical Journey

    American music is the song of a nation of immigrants. A wild, wonderful patchwork of sounds and instruments with origins in Africa, Europe, Mexico, the Middle East, South America, Jamaica, and Asia among many others. Our country’s amazing musical history is a direct representation of myriad influences from global culture, blending together to create something […]

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