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  • An Open Letter to the San Diego Music Community

    Dear Friends, We’re making a documentary film about our own Lou Curtiss, called Recordially Yours: The Lou Curtiss Story and we need your help. Readers of the San Diego Troubadour know Lou Curtiss from his monthly “Recordially, Lou Curtiss” column, which has been running since the first issue was published in October 2001 and has […]

  • Drummer Al Schneider Has More than a Few Stories to Tell!

    PART ONE It’s undoubtedly a common misperception among music fans that people in “the business” exist in some rarified dimension apart from regular folk. They descend from some gated realm in the clouds to gift us with their musical creations, bestowing upon us a small taste of the delights that reside therein. Nothing could be […]

  • All About AB5: Inquiring Minds Want to Know

    “Registered California Voter?” “Yeah.” The signature gatherer held up a clipboard with a sheet and looked at me earnestly. “This would allow Uber and Lyft drivers to continue as independent contractors,” he said. This was mid-February as I stood outside a Ralph’s supermarket, less than two months into 2020 and the implementation of the gig […]

  • Wolfgang Grasekamp: A One-Man Renaissance

    Many fans of local music are undoubtedly familiar with the keyboard wizardry of Wolfgang Grasekamp. The German-born musician plays a whole range of venues throughout the area, from coffeehouses, Native American casino showrooms, and popular watering holes to major music festivals like the San Diego Beatles Fair. He is an integral part of the Dave […]

  • THE SEA MONKS: Ameripolitan Music, Family Style

    The first thing that you notice about the Sea Monks is that the local San Diego band has a couple of very young band members—a tall and angular 17-year-old lead guitarist and a tousle-headed drummer, who’s just 14. The second thing you learn is that the Sea Monks, based in Clairemont, are a family affair. […]

  • The Beat Farmers’ 10th Annual Hootenanny—Come See if We Survive

    If you grew up near Bancroft and Campo Road in the mid-’80s, there’s a good chance your favorite dive bar was the Spring Valley Inn. And if you walked into your favorite dive bar on a Saturday night, there’s a good chance you might have seen Mojo Nixon, jumping around the stage, drumming a five-gallon […]

  • Peasants, Poets, and Pagans: A Little Yuletide History

    Here in San Diego we just experienced “Daylight Savings,” when we all moved our time keepers back one hour. Each day, it becomes darker sooner. Even in sunny San Diego we can get into the holiday spirit as each day grows shorter and shorter—until we reach the winter solstice, the shortest day and longest night […]

  • Karl Denson’s Universe Is not so Tiny

    No serious music aficionado will admit to relying on Pandora. But if I were to rely on a Pandora-like algorithm, I’d place Karl Denson’s Gnomes and Badgers somewhere between the Robert Cray Band and Steely Dan. Of course, that ignores every other influence that Denson has poured into his new album. What about the hard-driving […]

  • Everybody Has a Song Within:, a Transformative Songwriting Workshop Series

    Q&A with local performer and songwriter Astra Kelly about her new transformative songwriting workshop series, called 1. Who is Astra Kelly? I‘m a good ol’ midwestern girl livin’ the dream in California. I’m proud to have built a career as an artist/musician, performer, singer/songwriter, producer, and vocal/songwriting coach. I’ve been wholeheartedly committed to a […]

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