Front Porch

  • On Tom Petty

    Tom Petty made me think of the “emancipated minor,” an underage teen legally separated from his parents, becoming free to engage in adult activities that would otherwise require parental permission. The teen becomes a legal adult, free to sign contracts, enroll in trade school, rent an apartment, and is solely responsible for the future that […]

  • Death and a Return to Wholeness: Joe Garrison’s “The Broken Jar”

    Few composers push so many musical moods onto their listeners—shifting from ecstatic to brooding on a dime—as much as San Diego’s Joe Garrison does. He interrupts his pieces with silence only to shock them awake with sonic surprise. His unconventionality is twin-engined: sound’s nature to vanish before us and music’s design to take us somewhere. […]

  • If It’s Thanksgiving, It Must Be Time for a Chloe Feoranzo Homecoming

    Among the many goals achieved by the San Diego Jazz Festival—now in its 38th year—has been to bring music fans of all ages together, sometimes three generations at a time in one spot. Leading the youth brigade at the festival, (annually held from Wednesday through Sunday during Thanksgiving week) is New Orleans resident and former […]

  • Shades of Ella: Zion Dyson

    Even before I get a chance to speak to Zion Dyson, it’s apparent that this new talent loves to sing. Calling her to arrange an interview, the phone rang and rang again; finally Zion’s recording came on; she starts out just like everybody else, “Hi, this is Zion. I’m sorry that I can’t take your […]

  • Stephen El Rey: The King of Americana

    I first saw Stephen Rey, or “Stephen El Rey” as he’s known on stage, perform sometime around 2012 at the Black Cat Bar, the wonderfully dim-lit, chandeliered bar that feels like a New Orleans funeral parlour. When he walked in the door I thought I was looking at someone who stepped out of a David […]

  • Mosey On Down to the Rawhide Ranch for Some Serious Fun!

    Jim Cline loves music festivals. He is on the phone with me from Nashville, where he is attending the Americana Music Association Awards, his eighth time at the gala. “The music is number one,” he says. “And the people, too!” Cline is also excited about the upcoming Country Music Festival that he has put together […]

  • Steve Nichols: Guitar Professional

    He’s been playing guitar for over 45 years, making all kinds of music in nearly all types of settings. Sometimes as a teacher at the Blue Guitar, doing other work in recording studios, quite often playing live music that can vary from big band to rock, from country to Django Reinhardt-style Gypsy swing jazz. Steve […]

  • Be Love. Be Still. A Story of Jeffrey Joe Through a Facebook Lens

    Shortly after I met Jeffrey Joe, I asked him to tell me his story. He responded with a Facebook link to a note titled “Past, Checkered” wherein he had penned the story of his amazing life in bullet points. From moving around as a Navy brat to calling San Diego home; from the Summer of […]

  • The Art of Flamenco Guitar in Concert

    Scot Tabor is clearly enthused. He comes close to stammering as he speaks. “You bet I’m excited!” he says. “We’re putting on a big show! Tabor is the owner of Paper Moon Music, the highly praised music instruction studio in Ocean Beach. Though there is much to keep him excited—a busy schedule of educating eager […]