5 Things You Might Not Know About Rob Deez

August 2012

Welcome to the first installment of a regular blog column where we will be getting to know local artists. You may have seen them perform, you may have downloaded their albums (if you haven’t done those first two things, don’t worry, we’ll show you how at the end of this post), but now it’s time to take a closer look. Our first subject is comedy acoustic hip-hop artist Rob Deez, and here are 5 Things You Might Not Know about him.

Rob Deez: image by Dennis Anderson

1.) Before getting into music I did a lot of musical theatre. I even received the Lyman Saville Scholarship for my work on and off stage at the Saville Theatre.

2.) I was born at Mercy Hospital, and now I work there. My day job consists of cannulating bile ducts, cauterizing bleeding sites, taking biopsies, snaring polyps, banding esophageal varices, dilating strictures, deploying stents, and other weird sounding things.

3.) My mom used to drag me to baby pageants all the time when I was a kid. I even appeared in an REI magazine once. Wearing a lovely yellow raincoat. I was crying a few minutes before the photo was taken cuz the other kids got to wear the red and blue coats and I had to wear the stupid yellow one!!

4.) I’ve been arrested in California and Arizona, and I received a speeding ticket in Utah. I’m pretty much an outlaw in the southwest.

5.) If given the opportunity I might leave San Diego behind in order to pursue a career in asteroid mining. Real talk.

You can find more info on Rob Deez at His music is available on iTunes, and he has a live show TONIGHT at Piazza Carmel Shopping Center @ 7:00PM.

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