5 Things You May Not Know About Megan Carchman

February 2013

She’ll play just about any instrument you hand her, and it seems like she’s been a member of just about every band in San Diego. Megan Carchman has been a staple of the San Diego music community for many years, and while we may not have her for long (she’s planning to grace Nashville with her presence in the near future), we will always appreciate her musical contributions to this city. You already know she’s a fantastic musician – let’s see what else you can learn about Megan Carchman!

5 Things You May Not Know About Megan Carchman

1) I love a clean house, by which I mean I love bleach. A lot. I would drink it if it wasn’t fatal. I have often considered creating a bleach inspired fragrance line.

2) I grew up on a walnut tree farm in Virginia. My car (which I have had for nearly 10 years) used to have a personalized license plate that read “WALNTZ”.

3) I love to cook for people. I was vegan for a few years which has made me terrified to cook meat (even though I love to eat meat now) as I don’t think anyone wants salmonella, worms or to try and hack into a steak hockey puck.

4) I prefer shoes without laces. Not for fashion – just out of pure laziness.

5) After so many years of playing live music I still get nervous before every show. Like “don’t talk to me I may have to run to the WC at any moment” nervous.

photo credit: Dan Chusid

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