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  • Staring at the Sun XIII

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    FYI SEPTEMBER 2021 This month we take a look at the latest edition of San Diego themed compilation album, Staring at the Sun XIII, ask Tamar Berk Five Questions, and talk cartoon characters with her as well as Troy Cook, Lauren Leigh Martin, Dave Preston, Audrey Callahan, and Monica Sorenson Staring at the Sun XIII […]

  • Ode to Louis Brazier

    Louie Brazier died unexpectedly last month at the age of 59. A mainstay in the music community and longtime sound engineer and booking manager at Lestat’s coffeehouse, Lou was loved by all for his friendly, selfless, and helpful demeanor. He was a friend and counselor to all. Here is a collection of loving tributes to […]

  • Nanci Griffith: Appreciation for an Americana Music Pioneer

    The first time I heard Nanci Griffith was in the midst of what Steve Earle called The Great Credibility Threat of the ’80s, when radio still reigned and the commercial country world embraced Earle, Lyle Lovett, the Desert Rose Band, Emmylou Harris, K.d Lang, Rodney Crowell, Sweethearts of the Rodeo, Rosanne Cash, and so many […]

  • Traci Smith: The Final BOOM! 

    Anyone in the San Diego music scene from 2013 to 2019 most likely met Traci Smith in one capacity or another. Why do we talk rawk? Because we can! The talk show host of Gurlz Talk Rawk, Traci lived her dreams by creating her brainchild… a television interview talk show featuring songwriters and musicians and […]

  • Gone in 48 Hours

    If you’re reading this, it’s over! The annual 48 Hour Film Project was the weekend of August 27-29. They really should call it the “48 Second Film Project” because every year, it comes and goes so fast. The 48HFP is emblematic of our times…at least filmmaking. It’s spontaneous and crowd sourced, democratic, and existential. Basically…every […]

  • Dennis Caplinger: So Long, Old Friend

    San Diego has lost one of its bluegrass anchors. From Vista, California, Dennis Caplinger , who died last month at age 57, was a virtuoso and Grammy Award-winner. He began playing drums when he was just four years old and took up bluegrass music at the age of 12. A few years later as a […]

  • Hart Acres: A Seed Sprouts in the Desert

    THE MELON SEED, A PARABLE Years ago, a man named Hartley and his wife, Carol, took hold of a plot of land in the desert. They studied and worked hard and created an oasis, where hardy plants could thrive and provide some shade and shelter for the living things under them. Later, their daughter made […]

  • Judy Collins: On a Never-Ending Road of Music and Healing

    It seems there are so many roads that diverge and come together in life as the road unfolds. It’s a matter of choosing which path to walk down and what fate holds. It is especially so for the very gifted artisans and icons. Once, after a sold-out concert in Denver, Colorado, internationally famous folk singer-songwriter […]

  • Soft Landings

    Most people don’t know this (and why would they?), but I hold the Eureka Road (Spring Valley) record for Highest Jump Ever. I think there were only seven of us in attendance on that fateful day in 1974, but you could locate Billy Decker, Joey LaGalley, Danny Privet, Danny and Chris Applehans, and Garden Way […]