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  • Why Do I Have So Many Compressors?

    Having first beheld, awe-stricken by the majestic splendor of an actual shoe closet filled with entries from Prada to Puma, stilettos to flats, and Ugg boots to sassy boots, I believe my verbal reaction lay somewhere betwixt “Wow” and “Whoa.” I currently have five sets of footwear (not including socks and barefoot, my preferred indoor […]

  • SOMETIMES JULIE: Where Are You?

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    The newest album by Sometimes Julie is Where Are You? The band is built around the impressive vocals of Monica Sorenson and the songwriting of Sorenson and Rick Walker. The band’s sound has been evolving on the last several releases (including 2018’s Breaking) into a powerhouse rock outfit, with songs built to showcase her singing, […]

  • It’s National Buy a Musical Instrument Day!

    May 22 is a designated celebration of National Buy a Musical Instrument Day! This is a lesser-known celebration with forgotten roots and no stated founder but worth marking on your calendar! The implied purpose of the date is probably to visit a local music store, and during this less-restricted Covid month, those stores could use […]

  • Getting Involved in Local Bluegrass

    Getting Involved in Local Bluegrass. The Covid shutdown is starting to lift for live music. Limited-attendance events are now allowed, and more restrictions are scheduled to lift in mid-June, absent some type of setback. The Summergrass Festival is on track for August 20-22 this year, and planning is beginning to restart local bluegrass events. Let’s […]


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    End State is the debut by local alternative rockers Be Mine Phantom Valentine. The nine-track project was put together by Dean and Wes Primicias, who wrote the material with help on one song, play all the instruments, and recorded in a home studio. It is a collaboration with co-producer James Doviak (guitarist in British indie […]

  • Becoming Jules Stewart

    I follow drummer Jules Stewart on Instagram (@adventuresofjj). A few months ago, she asked people to tell her one of their favorite albums so she could expand her musical knowledge. She then posted her own little mini reviews of each album (captured as one of the highlights on her IG page). I remember thinking it […]

  • Against All Odds: Saying Good-bye to our Friend Mark

    Many members of the San Diego music scene have surely already heard of the passing of Mark Goffeney. Admittedly, this article is a bit tardy, but we at the Troubadour wanted to respect the mourning of Mark’s family and friends left behind. We also wanted to wait for more details surrounding the cause of Mark’s […]

  • Five Questions for Monica Sorenson, 2021 SDMAs, and More

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    This month we have a Q&A with Monica Sorenson of Sometimes Julie, offer up some details on the 2021 San Diego Music Awards and review new musical offerings from The Armoires, The Beat Farmers and John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band. FIVE QUESTIONS FOR MONICA SORENSON OF SOMETIMES JULIE Indie rockers Sometimes Julie’s fourth album, Where […]

  • Sky Ladd: Cowboy Chords and Plebeian Poetry

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    As I was meandering down Adams Avenue during a weekend of the Adams Avenue Street Fair, I found Sky Ladd. His A-frame Sky Blue Music stand stood tall on the sidewalk in the thick of one of the most loved and diverse music festivals in San Diego. I began piano lessons at Sky Blue Music […]