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  • Jeff Berkley Version 2: The Next 50 Years

    Rejuvenated Artistic Soul You know Jeff Berkley, right? The preeminent figure in San Diego folk-rock, anchor of our top folk duo, sideman to the stars, and producer of innumerable San Diego Music Award-winning albums over the last 20 years. That guy. You do know Jeff Berkley, right? Your favorite memory might be an intimate Berkley […]

  • Remembering Sam Hinton

    A Lifetime of Achievement If you grew up in San Diego, chances are your classroom would have been treated to a visit by a man who played guitar and sang funny folk songs. You wouldn’t have easily forgotten this engaging man, because when he sang his songs, history came alive. That man would have been […]

  • CHUCK SCHIELE: Love Letters

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    Chuck Schiele is a name familiar in the San Diego music scene, playing since the ’90s in several well-received bands that have included the award-winning Grams, Bad Science Fiction, the Skinny Dippers, and others. He is a bicoastal artist, also playing and recording with Chuck Schiele’s Quatro as well as the Salt City Chill in […]

  • The Fremonts Find Their Niche: One-Chord Swamp Grooves for the Masses

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    When you hang with the Fremonts it becomes obvious almost immediately these guys operate on the same frequency. They’re connected like brothers, both on and off the stage. In conversation, they finish each other’s sentences and, even trippier, during live gigs they’ll occasionally trade off instruments. Over the past 20 years the lineup has changed […]

  • Utah Phillips: The Man, not the State

    It was along about 1969 that I first became more than aware of U Utah Phillips. Now, I had heard of Bruce Phillips some time before that from an old Prestige International long-play record that I had picked up from time to time, which Rosalie Sorrels had written the notes for, and I’d seen that […]

  • Michael Bloomfield: The Rise and Fall of an American Guitar Hero

    Book Review Those hungering for a history of rock ‘n’ roll’s glory days, à la the Sixties, should latch onto a copy of Ed Ward’s book Michael Bloomfield: The Rise and Fall of an American Guitar Hero. Ward, a longtime music historian and journalist, was one of the original record reviewers in the early days […]

  • Stay in School (Part Two)

    Last month, I mused upon the early adult days of my life and how my journey toward musical self-edification centered around the plethora of musical sources I uncovered via crate digging and the deep immersion into the select cream that rose to the top of my respect and curiosity. Through the ’80s, this expedition expanded […]

  • Lauren Leigh Martin Searches for Balance

    If you‘ve been following San Diego’s music scene over the past decade, you’ve certainly taken notice of Lauren Leigh Martin. A powerhouse singer, her own music’s sound touches on Americana, with elements of folk, country, and pop, topped by a wonderfully soulful voice. Meanwhile, she’s been a part of an impressively diverse set of bands […]

  • March 2021 Calendar

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