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  • TOM CSORDAS: Facing Trouble

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    Tom Csordas teaches anthropology at UCSD, and he writes protest songs. He has released a double album of songs about a variety of today’s issues, available only on the web, Facing Trouble and Facing Trouble Part 2. The first album is a four-track set, getting the listener familiar with Csordas, who sings and plays acoustic […]

  • Keeping the Music Alive During the Pandemic

    The Corona virus has been spreading for months with no sign of abatement in the foreseeable future, especially here in the United States. While there are differing views as to its severity and the necessity of the various measures implemented to cope with it, most would agree that not catching it ourselves and halting its […]

  • August 2020 Calendar

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    Stay tuned!

  • Mixroom: An Innovative Approach to Foundational EQ Moves Upstairs

    Late last year, I examined and evaluated a new product with an inventive take on equalizing the low end of your mixes and masters (https://sandiegotroubadour.com/2019/12/go-low/ ). The digital audio plugin was called Bassroom and was as easy to use as it was unusual, which is definitely not the usual. It’s comparatively low price point also […]

  • Kindness, Love, & Understanding: Blue Largo’s Eric Lieberman & Alicia Aragon Sing Their Own Song

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    If you’ve followed the music scene in Southern California anytime during the last 40 years, you already know the name Eric Lieberman. If not, you’d certainly know his bands: The King Biscuit Blues Band with Ken Schoppmeyer and Paul Cowie, Tuesdays at Winston’s in Ocean Beach with the Rhumboogies, or every Thursday at Croce’s with […]

  • GARY SEILER: Turn It Up

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    Gary Seiler plays what can only be called country beach music. His bio says he learned his craft “in smokey barrooms in the 1980s,” and during more than three decades of writing songs he has released four albums—and he has also sailed all over the world. His new release, Turn It Up, represents not just […]

  • The Autoharp

    The autoharp is a very American instrument with obvious eastern European roots. There was a remarkable period of development in 1880s Germany when the volkszither design from instrument maker Karl August Gutter appeared on the scene, looking much like our current version. Charles F. Zimmerman produced autoharps in the United States around the same time, […]

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    This month we take a look at Charles McPherson’s forthcoming album, ask five questions of Karla Kane / the Corner Laughers, have a conversation with singer Whitney Shay, plus new and classic strange stage stories from Ronnie Barnett (the Muffs) and Max Eric Bergstrom (Avenue Army). New Album from Charles McPherson! Something to look forward […]

  • STEPH JOHNSON: So in Love

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    It was just about 10 years ago, at the now-defunct KSDS/ Ocean Beach Jazz Festival, when I first heard the soulful songbird Steph Johnson work her magic on a thoroughly rapt audience. Ms. Johnson clearly had something going on—and I was fascinated to see her start a new trio some months later with the stalwart […]