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  • GENE CLARK: No Other

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    Over the last 75 years rock music is strewn with lost and unrecognized classic albums. Some have remained lost. Others are found, dusted off, repackaged, and returned to the mantle of the success they deserved all along. The case for the high-flying Byrd, Gene Clark’s 1974 contemplative Americana masterpiece No Other, has long been acknowledged […]

  • The Here and Now: Smokin’ Blues from CHRIS FAST!

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    I’ve known Chris Fast for too many years to remember and he’s always been funny. You know that dry funny? A gift he shares with surgical precision in every blues bar, club venue, house party, and festival stage across Southern California. On this night, with a full bar and a rowdy crowd, Chris fills between […]

  • It’s in the Hands

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    Hello Troubadourians! Everyone wants to get a good tone from their instrument. It doesn’t matter what you play, you want to sound good. Whether it is replicating a tone you hear in your head or trying to sound like one of your influences, it is important to know how to achieve “that tone.” But how […]

  • January 2020 Calendar

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    I’m old enough to remember when alto saxophone virtuoso Christopher Hollyday swirled into the jazz public consciousness in the early 1980s—mentioned in the same breath in Downbeat magazine as Wynton Marsalis and Roy Hargrove. Hollyday had been burning up stages in hometown Boston-area gigs for years before his 21st birthday, and he secured a major […]

  • Bluegrass in the New Year

    Wow—it’s a new year already! I hope everyone had an excellent holiday with lots of bluegrass music and is raring to go for a great new year. Let’s peek at some of what’s coming. SPECIAL CONSENSUS COMING TO SAN DIEGO Special Consensus is one great, long-running band. Formed in 1973 in Chicago, Special C has […]


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    Nathan Hubbard and his trio have performed around San Diego for years, with dates at Dizzy’s, Panama 66, and other music venues. Finally making it into the studio, Hubbard wrote up eight new compositions for himself and the band. The resulting studio performances have the solidity of a well-grounded trio; yet the sound is fresh, […]

  • John Jorgenson: Musical Gypsy from the New World

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    John Jorgenson belongs to that rare breed of artist whose musicality transcends genres. While primarily known as a guitarist, his mastery also extends to the piano, mandolin, mandocello, dobro, pedal steel, upright bass, clarinet, bassoon, and saxophone. Given the many facets of his musical abilities, he is highly sought-after as a collaborator and accompanist for […]

  • The Beat Farmers’ 10th Annual Hootenanny—Come See if We Survive

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    If you grew up near Bancroft and Campo Road in the mid-’80s, there’s a good chance your favorite dive bar was the Spring Valley Inn. And if you walked into your favorite dive bar on a Saturday night, there’s a good chance you might have seen Mojo Nixon, jumping around the stage, drumming a five-gallon […]

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