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  • TOM BROSSEAU & SEAN WATKINS: In the Shadow of the Hill

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    The Carter Family made their first recording 93 years ago and, to quote AllMusic.com, they were “the most influential group in country music history.” Tom Brousseau pays his respects to these giants on his new album with Sean Watkins, In the Shadow of the Hill: Songs from the Carter Family Catalogue, Vol I. The folk […]

  • Forbidden Pig Tales: Friends Remember Billy Bacon

    I loved the thought of being a “Forbidden Pig.” I had that illuminating realization that we all were Forbidden Pigs in the middle of my first Billy Bacon and the Forbidden Pigs experience. Back in the day I only saw them a couple of times, but the music played in my head and on my […]

  • Do I Really Sound Like That?

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    Hello Troubadourians! How many of you have ever recorded yourself playing or singing (or both)? If you haven’t, you should. It is an eye-opening experience. The first time you hear your voice on a recording, it sounds like a completely different person. Who is that? That can’t be me…can it? Likewise, when you hear a […]

  • Notes on On the Beach by Neil Young

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    Well, yes, to answer a question no one’s yet asked me. I was one of those guys in high school, in the very early the seventies, who had found their Reason to Be through a sheer immersion into the contemporary grind of rock ‘n’ roll. Leonard Bernstein declared it an art form; Ralph Gleason informed […]

  • Nathan Hubbard: Still Furiously Dreaming

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    The improvised music we call jazz is full of workaholics and overachievers—it tends to go with the territory. I’ve met dozens of hard working musicians over the years with superhuman ambitions and the stamina to achieve them. Having said that, I could easily make a case for drummer/bandleader/composer/instrument builder Nathan Hubbard as a special case. […]

  • Tom Brosseau and Friends Come Together for a Special Evening of Carter Family Songs

    Being raised in Great Forks, North Dakota was a challenge for young Tom Brosseau. Built at the forks of the Red River and the Red River Lake, the region is known for snow-bound winters, hot humid summers, and seasonal floods that have left the city devastated as recently as 1997. But, Brosseau’s roots run deep […]

  • Ah, Summergrass!!

    The San Diego bluegrass community is still savoring the great 2019 Summergrass Festival, which took place in Vista in August. Rather than yammer on about it, here is a photo run down of some of the action, courtesy of photographer extraordinaire David Cupp. Ramona Bluegrass Festival. The 10th annual Ramona Bluegrass Festival is coming up […]

  • James Taylor Gets Reimagined at Folkey Monkey

    People in the folk community—those who enjoy hearing a good song sung by a good guitar slinger—have been wise to Folkey Monkey for a long time. Through Folkey Monkey, Joe Rathburn, who is a great guitar slinger and fine singer of songs, asks other prominent local musicians to join him for a couple hours of […]

  • Refugee Songs: A Musical Journey

    American music is the song of a nation of immigrants. A wild, wonderful patchwork of sounds and instruments with origins in Africa, Europe, Mexico, the Middle East, South America, Jamaica, and Asia among many others. Our country’s amazing musical history is a direct representation of myriad influences from global culture, blending together to create something […]