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    As the old expression goes, “We’re getting the band back together.” Chimpos did it for real, infusing a sort of zany OB vibe in the process on their disc Flung Like a Horse. The band is built around a nucleus of former Pt. Loma and Ocean Beach high school garage band mates (and lifelong friends) […]

  • Tomcat Courtney IS the Blues: Happy 90th Birthday, Sir!

    I love it when people talk about music–and blues music in particular. But that’s all it is, just talk. If you want to experience the blues in real time, live and gut level; mark your calendar for Thursday, January 24. Proud Mary’s in Kearny Mesa is planning a party to celebrate Tomcat Courtney’s 90th trip […]

  • The Beat of a British Rocker Carries On: Eric Burdon’s Lion in Winter

    The music never ends. When it began, we can’t say. But, listen to the voice of the age and you’ll hear Eric Burdon. Listen. The bass hums and brings on an intense beat that moves in sync with cymbals, a loud surf guitar drones, thunders, and crashes into wall of distortion as cello and violin […]

  • Mike Seeger

    I guess the first time I met Mike Seeger was at the 1959 Newport Folk Festival. Up until that time country music for me was the kind of stuff I heard and saw around Southern California like Town Hall Party, Cliffie Stone’s Hometown Jamboree, and San Diego’s Smokey Rogers, etc. Folk music included a pretty […]

  • January 2019 Calendar

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  • Call Me Driver

    Dusk. That mysterious interval where the sun dips below the horizon, just before the sky falls into the unyielding darkness that reigns until the breaking of tomorrow. Headlights are switched on, sunglasses are stowed, and colors seem to blanch into grayscale versions of what were vibrant hues only an hour ago. My eyes are tired. […]


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    “He’s just an extraordinary musician. He’s one of those rare players whose instrument just seems like an extension of his body and he can pretty much express whatever he feels. I enjoy and admire his adaptability–he’s such a good on-the-fly player, even when a tune gets called that he’s not familiar with. He’s such an […]

  • THE FARMERS: Farmers SD

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    Not the biggest act to come out of San Diego, nor the longest in service, the Farmers are nevertheless local music royalty. An earlier incarnation, the Beat Farmers, helped establish San Diego as a regional center of original music in the mid-1980s–showed the country (and record label execs) that there was a fertile music scene […]

  • Chris Faust: Tales from the Road

    Music promoter Chris Faust is a well-known face in the San Diego music scene, having worked with numerous local bands, including Skelpin, Circa Now, Left4Dead, and Electric Mud. However, go back just about five decades and you would find Faust working in another part of the music industry–as a touring roadie and, shortly thereafter, a […]