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  • Summergrass Welcomes Back Bluegrass Etc. and Virtual Strangers

    Summergrass San Diego celebrates 16 Years strong this year at the historic Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum in Vista, on August 17-18-19, with three terrific days of bluegrass fun and activities for the whole family. This year’s event proudly brings these stellar bands to our mainstage: Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers, the Scroggins […]

  • Relevance

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    Hello Troubadourians! Relevance is a big concern for me both musically, professionally, and personally. Recently, there was an issue that came up in my day job that started me thinking about remaining relevant. At what point are we no longer relevant? At what point is our music–that which we play and that which we listen […]

  • The Sea Chantey Festival: A Lifeline to our Nautical Past

    All Hands on Deck My now-adult son has vivid memories of his fourth-grade overnight aboard the Star of India. He was assigned galley duty, which involved a special pudding, chasing rats* below decks, and standing watch at midnight looking at the stars. The Maritime Museum of San Diego has been serving up such historic memories […]

  • Tell Me a Story: A Tradition Immersed in History

    Once upon a time… Everyone remembers the magic of a bedtime story, when tales of princesses and witches transported you from your bedroom to a land of enchantment and happily ever after, or the camping trip when a well-told ghost story kept you quaking and sleepless with fear in your tent. From childhood onward we […]


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    San Diego jazz guitar virtuoso Peter Sprague has always held a deep affinity for singers, in fact, his first self-released record with the band Dance of the Universe Orchestra was called You Make Me Want to Sing and it featured the remarkable Kevyn Lettau. In the intervening years, Sprague has been a beacon–drawing in the […]

  • The Heart of Being

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    We live in the Psychological Age. Every modern malady is traced back to psychological roots. Another mass shooting? Mental health problem. Homelessness? Mental health problem. Depression and anxiety? Mental health problem. What is the deal with Donald Trump anyway? Mental health problem. There’s no doubt that psychological healing modalities–talk therapy, wisely applied pharmaceuticals–have healed families […]

  • Johnny Vernazza: Beyond the Blues

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    With its scenic beauty, great weather and thriving music community, it’s no surprise that many acclaimed musicians from around the world have made San Diego their home. Such is the case with Bay Area native, guitarist Johnny Vernazza. Best known for his work with 1970’s hitmakers the Elvin Bishop Band, he arrived in San Diego […]

  • Great Bluegrass Coming to San Diego in August!

    San Diegans have two outstanding opportunities to enjoy top quality live bluegrass music this month: Summergrass. Friday, August 17 through Sunday, August 19 brings the annual Summergrass Festival to San Diego. Top talent, including Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers, Alan Bibey and Grasstowne, the Jeff Scroggins Band, and the ever popular Bluegrass Etc., will […]

  • August 2018 Calendar

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