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  • November 2017 Calendar

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  • Nifty Nasties

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    I’ll have you know that I’m writing this while assuming the “down on one knee” stance–the silent statement that cries out and continues to grow in popularity among athletes and celebrities and other people of conscience throughout this great land of ours. Many of the other contributors to this issue of the Troubadour wrote their […]

  • MERCEDES MOORE Walks the Walk

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    From the moment Mercedes Moore takes the stage you can’t look away. She welcomes you to the show, thanks you for coming, and the band rips into its opening chords. As dancers rush to the floor, the smile on Mercedes’ face grows more radiant; you’re in her world and nothing else matters. You might think […]

  • JIM EARP & BILL BENZEL: Mainland Style

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    Instrumental guitar fans will be glad to hear that noted Hawaiian slack-key guitarist Jim Earp has teamed up with Bill Benzel for an album of slack-key duets, Mainland Style. The dozen tunes feature Earp on electric nylon-string guitar and Benzel on either baritone or steel-string acoustic. The mixture of originals by the two and familiar […]

  • Dhani Harrison: Here Comes the Rising Son

    At age 39, Dhani Harrison is creating a legacy of inventive and innovative music. Being the rising son of the “quiet Beatle,” George Harrison, has not inhibited him from the creative growth required to be a vital independent artist in his own right. Harrison’s musical career began in 2002 when he finished his father’s final […]

  • Don’t Come Around Here No More

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    Hello Troubadourians! We’ve lost a lot of our musical heroes lately, Tom Petty being the latest. While every loss hurt, this one had a particular sting that, to me at least, was unexpected. Petty had success with pretty much everything he tried, from hits with the Heartbreakers to solo work and duos with Stevie Nicks. […]

  • Winter Is Coming

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    Lori and I have been working with a financial adviser on our retirement plan. We’ve been facing down a whole host of decisions regarding risk assessment, asset management, and prudent reserves. We’re not rich–we both work for the government. We’re about as middle class as they come. And in about ten years we’ll both be […]

  • Tom Petty: A Fever Dream Come True

    It’s October 20th, 2017, and it seems insane and cosmically cruel that Tom Petty is not around celebrating his 67th birthday with his family and friends. That tragic fact brings tears to my eyes. More than likely it has a similar effect on you. It’s a mathematical inevitability that our cultural heroes born in the […]

  • Shades of Ella: Zion Dyson

    Even before I get a chance to speak to Zion Dyson, it’s apparent that this new talent loves to sing. Calling her to arrange an interview, the phone rang and rang again; finally Zion’s recording came on; she starts out just like everybody else, “Hi, this is Zion. I’m sorry that I can’t take your […]