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  • The New Bo Diddley Beat, From the ’90s to Now

    It’s a veritable wellspring of (often mis)information: the Internet. Or, as they referred to it in Christopher Guest’s movie For Your Consideration, the Interweb. The Great Digital Book of Answers is something that didn’t even exist for half my life, so I know the difference and consider myself lucky to have lived without it long […]

  • The Five Ties That Bind

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    For French Existentialist philosopher Albert Camus, the only important philosophical question was: why should I not kill myself? Talk about getting to the point. Most of us choose to go on living. But why? As we struggle to answer this question we’re forced to give voice to difficult; elusive truths–the pervasive sense of the value […]

  • RACHELLE BRAND DANTO: Got Love If You Want It

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    Compassion is an extremely rare commodity in our world today. And for that very reason when it’s observed, expressed, or experienced in any form, it makes a lasting impression. Say hello to Rachelle Brand Danto, a woman with seemingly unlimited energy who dedicates her time and talents to those often overlooked or mostly forgotten. The […]

  • Dan Walsh Leads the British Invasion: Banjo Edition

    A banjo bounty How many banjo players can you name? If it’s more than two and Dan Walsh is not on the list, you should add him. Dan Walsh is poised to do for old-time banjo what Béla Fleck has done for bluegrass banjo: infuse it with influences drawn from classical and jazz to world […]

  • 10,000-Hours

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    Hello Troubadourians! I’ve been busy. Very, very busy. And not with my playing either, much to my disappointment. No, I’ve been working the “day job,” putting in lots of hours. And I’m salaried so there’s no overtime either. Why am I telling you this? Because I worry a lot about my playing. And when I […]

  • May 2017 Calendar

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  • San Diego Musicians Spice Up Gator Fest

    Perhaps the most accurate word of San Diego’s ongoing fling with all things Louisianan is “growth.” Spring is in the air; time for baseball, blooming flowers and eating gumbo while rocking to a zydeco beat: could it be time once again for Gator by the Bay? The calendar never lies, and this year’s celebration down […]

  • MICHAEL PHILIP REED: Medium Fidelity

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    Michael Philip Reed is a young one-man-band, studio savant who has combined computer tech and musical talent to make his own unique brand of contemporary pop on his own terms. He plays all types and manners of guitars, keyboards, and percussion, and was one of the reasons for the razor-sharp sound on the early albums […]

  • Echo Mountain String Band and the Importance of Jamming

    The first time I jammed with the Echo Mountain String Band, I left with a fat lip. It was the annual Santa Barbara Old-Time Fiddler’s Convention in 2015. The beautiful grounds at the Rancho La Paterna were filled with fiddlers, banjoists, guitarists, and mandolinists that had gathered to jam on some old fiddle melodies and […]