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  • DEBORA GALAN: All About Love

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    It’s 1985. You turn on the radio. You tune the dial up and down, searching for something new, when you chance across a deep, subdued–it is almost a whisper–male voice. You hesitate to turn the dial. There is something oddly inviting about the mostly incomplete sentences of the man who sounds like he just recently […]

  • Forest Bathing

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    In the new age of multitasking it’s radical to monotask. Stripping away all distractions and focusing on a single thing seems quaint, dated, or even seditious. We pay a lot of lip service to mindfulness and being in the now, but we rarely do it. In Japan a new practice is taking shape called shinrin-yoku […]

  • Breakdown

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    Hello Troubadourians! Did any of you watch Mariah Carey’s audio malfunction on New Year’s Eve? No? Neither did I. But I did see a lot of internet news articles about it, which I ignored until I saw one reportedly from her ‘team” that purported to give her side of the story. Now we’re talking! I […]

  • SON OF RADUL: Insomnia Party Feathers

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    Marcelo Radulovich is a Carlsbad experimental musician who has been active since the ‘90s as a solo act, and in collaborations with other electronica and avant-garde music artists. He has released music in both English and Spanish, though with his music the overall sound takes precedent over any lyrical message, for the most part. The […]

  • February 2017 Calendar

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  • Diversions from Disaster

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    The January 12th edition of the venerable San Diego Reader contained an interview with yours truly (along with a colorful, kissable photograph) and I am grateful for the positive response I have received from so many of you in your letters and in person, when we’ve bumped into each other at the odd antique mall […]

  • The NAMM Slam

    The rain was coming in sideways at this point. It was as if the rain wasn’t just pouring down on us, but rushing to meet us head on; its aqueous needles angrily stabbing at us like some sort of Lilliputian revolt. I expected waves to crash over the bow of the Mustang convertible that fellow […]

  • Wait! You guys are still here? The Matching Musical Journeys of Jef and Joel Kmak

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    Reading through Jef and Joel Kmak’s musical resume could be categorized as aerobic exercise: Screaming Chickens, Queenie, Dan McLain’s other early projects. Mutt, Blonde Bruce, Hitmakers, Crawdaddys, Saint James & the Voodoo Rockers, Comanche Moon, Joyce Rooks, the Beat Farmers (…and everything Jerry Raney’s cooked up since), the Penetrators, the Flying Putos, Powerthud, Joey Harris, […]

  • Jail Guitar Doors: Rob Bird’s Musical Prison Quest

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    Clang clang, go the jail guitar doors Bang bang, go the boots on the floor Cry cry, for your lonely mother’s son Clang clang, go the jail guitar doors The words to the 1977 punk rock song have more impact sung by its writer, the Clash’s Joe Strummer. The B-side references MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer […]

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