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  • Strange Stage Stories

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    Anthony Meynell / Squire: Our first huge gig in London 1979, supporting Purple Hearts at the Electric Ballroom, with 1000 people, we got a genuine encore. So we rush back on stage and I plug in, go to the mic to say thank you, and (bassist) Enzo stepped on my guitar lead. The jack snapped […]

  • Notes from a (Reluctant) Music Teacher

    I never set out to become a music teacher. In fact, it all came about quite by accident, and as the result of calamity. I’d gotten to know the owner of a small family-owned music shop in my new hometown of La Mesa. I’d purchased a second-hand alto saxophone on the cheap, and I didn’t […]

  • Stranger on a Train

    Analog versus digital. For musicians and studio types, that comparison usually brings to mind all manner of technically related issues, from audio fidelity to portability, data, and media storage. One might as well be talking about fishing as music, when considering the lures, lines, and sinkers employed in its “capture and release.” Think of the […]

  • November 2016 Calendar

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  • Soaring with Enter the Blue Sky

    Some Americana bands have unusual sounds, some unusual names. Enter the Blue Sky manages to do both. The quartet is a recent product of the East County roots and open mic scene, and the musical brainchild of founder/front person Sandé Lollis. They play coffeehouses, restaurants, and community centers, presenting Lollis’ original songs in often subdued […]

  • JACK TEMPCHIN: One More Song

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    Well known to the SoCal roots scene for decades, Jack Tempchin is known more for songs he has written that other artists have spun into hit covers than for his own albums. Since the ‘70s, he has had an ear for the pulse of modern pop and country/folk-rock to an extent that he has travelled […]

  • FAUNCH: Venice and Beethoven

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    Venice and Beethoven is new music by Faunch (as in Andy Faunch). The LA-area multi-instrumental whiz put it together with Michael McClure, who contributed guitars and co-produced. Faunch sings, plays guitars, multiple keyboards, and percussion arrangements and wrote all nine originals. Both Faunch and McClure have San Diego area connections. Faunch, McClure and local producer/ […]

  • Unfinished Brizzness

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    The zombies are still out there and our country remains in peril. The only positive thing Donald Trump (“Il Douchebag”) was able to accomplish in this long and astonishing presidential race was to pull media attention away from the Kardashian regime for a sustained period of time. Outraged and determined to regain the spotlight, the […]

  • Swing! Swing! Swing! at the San Diego Jazz Fest

    The overwhelming energy force that unites jazz, rhythm and blues, rockabilly, and swing fans will be returning to San Diego soon over the Thanksgiving weekend. It’s time once again for the San Diego Jazz Fest at the Town and Country Convention Center in Mission Valley . It’s hard to imagine that the festival is in […]