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  • BERKLEY HART: Fleur de Lis

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    There aren’t too many sure things in life, or in music, but Berkley Hart have, with six previous CDs since 2000, established a track record that speaks for itself: Americana music at its best. Their 2011 release Crow still sounds fresh, and they are back with Fleur de Lis, a double-length album with 21 songs […]

  • Mastering Your Domain

    As outlined in recent columns wherein I’ve chronicled my journey from San Diego to Utah, I moved. That in itself can be a challenge for anyone. If you’ve been living in the same space for 20 years, it can become a mind-blowingly arduous task. Within the context of producing, recording, mixing, and mastering several hundred […]

  • Julian Family Fiddle Camp

    April 8-12 will bring us, once again, the Julian Family Fiddle Camp, a popular learning and concert experience held in the pine covered hills outside the mountain town of Julian at beautiful Camp Cedar Glen. There will be top-notch instruction on fiddle, old time banjo, guitar, and mandolin with a bass workshop, flat foot dancing, […]

  • The La Jolla Playhouse: Safe Harbor for the Unsafe

    Let the Chargers leave for Carson. Let the symphony fold. Let the San Diego Gulls skate in and out of town every 15 years. After everything else, San Diego (El Cajon specificially) will always own Lester Bangs. That’s why it was so exciting to see glimpses of Lester’s life portrayed in the La Jolla Playhouse […]

  • THE JACKSTONES: What Brings You Here

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    When a band bills itself as New Arena Country Rock, like the Jackstones do, it’s clear they are trying to cover all the bases. They’ve been around for over a decade and boast members that are baby boomers and veteran players: Andy Machin (vocals, lead guitar), Rick Lorenzini (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Bjorn DeBoer (bass), and […]

  • TOM BROSSEAU: Perfect Abandon

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    Originally from the cold steppes of North Dakota, Tom Brousseau’s local connections include work with Gregory Page; since 2002 he has toured seemingly everywhere on both sides of the Atlantic and released eight studio albums, many on both vinyl and CD. Many of his songs have been stripped-down folk/pop, personal tunes that often relate his […]

  • Wisdom, Incorporated

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    What Is Wisdom? Wisdom isn’t an idea. It isn’t a doctrine or a belief. It isn’t a theory or an ideology, calling for our consent. Wisdom isn’t a product to be bought or sold. You can’t possess it or hold it. Philosophy, religion, and art point to it, but they cannot contain it. Wisdom lies […]

  • It’s Time to Welcome The Liquorsmiths

    It’s Sunday night in Normal Heights and all is quiet — except for the crowded Sycamore Den, where every seat is filled, along with plenty of the standing space, to hear the folk-rock of the Liquorsmiths. The enthusiastic gathering of 20- and 30-somethings aren’t there to hear the chime-guitar and harmony music blazed by their […]

  • PAUL MILLER & WILLA MAMET: Let Somebody Love You

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    Woodbury, Vermont is home to about 900 New Englanders and in the 19th century it was known for the fine granite from its nearby quarry. It seems like the kind of clean, green, and unhurried place that would engender calm and quiet folk songs, and Woodbury natives Willa Mamet and Paul Miller seem to get […]