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  • Happy Traum and Chris Clarke to Perform in Poway

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    Poway, CA ­ On Friday, January 30th at 7:30pm, San Diego Folk Heritage is excited to present accomplished folk artist Happy Traum live in concert with local bluegrass picker Chris Clarke opening. The all ages event will take place at Templar’s Hall (14134 Midland Rd. Poway, CA 92064). Admission is $15 for members and $18 standard, […]

  • Songs I Wish I Wrote – Sean Watkins

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    Sean Watkins (founder/guitarist of Nickel Creek) will be performing tomorrow night (Thursday, January 8th) at The Casbah. He is touring this year to promote his latest album, All I Do Is Lie, which marks his first full tour in support of a solo album. Folk fans are well aware of the story behind GRAMMY-award winning Nickel […]


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    Music is a family affair for Cleopatra Degher; the Encinitas songstress is the daughter of Darius, who has played with Darius and the Magnets and Warren Zevon and released several solo CDs; sister Cordelia is a musician as well. Cleopatra released an EP in 2012, Restrung, with dad providing a lot of the musical backing, […]

  • Gimme a Head with Hair! The Beatles, Ed Sullivan, and 50 Years of Music and Hair

    There’s no question that the Fab Four won the hearts of America’s teenage girls and became the band that everybody loves to love. They also reinvigorated rock ‘n’ roll music and, along the way, revolutionized what came out of our radios and stereos. But whether they meant to or not they also revolutionized hair. Before […]

  • DAVID BRAUNER: Spokes on a Wheel

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    Had guitars been around 2000 years ago, it’s a good bet that a couple of Jesus’ hipper apostles would have been playing Hebrew folk music on them, and He no doubt would have sung along. David Brauner has released Christian Rock albums in each of the last three years, including God Is Love in 2012, […]

  • Joe Garrison: Creating Jazz Magic with his Society of Friends

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    It’s a festive crowd at 98 bottles. Unusual for a Sunday, the place is packed. Every seat looks to be taken, and folks mill about the stage. Despite the size of the crowd, it seems as though everyone knows everyone else, like this is some sort of reunion. There are lots of smiles, lots of […]

  • It’s Time to Start singing Their Songs

    Most of us who sing folk and old time Songs in San Diego and have been around this city for awhile grew up with the music of the late Sam Hinton and Johnny Walker. We saw them in concerts at our schools, in the various Folk Festivals and places they played around our city. All […]

  • The Keys of Janus

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    Every January I get that same, giddy feeling. Another year full of potential lies before us like uncharted territory. But there could be trouble ahead. As cartographers used to write on unexplored lands — here be dragons. Will this be the year we finally lose weight? Win the lottery? Have unforeseen surgery? Finally get married? […]

  • The Zen Diaries #1: Falling Out of Cali

    Exactly one year ago, I was writing this column. Looking out the windows of a cozy, warm but empty house, watching the Utah snow silently blanket the earth. I meditated on the stately, graceful elegance of this scene, as it took me back to my earliest memory, wherein I was doing essentially the same thing. […]