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  • RED FOX TAILS: Ornamental Gypsy

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    For the last several years the Red Fox Tails have been giving us good-time music that is both danceable and interesting to listen to. The trio of guitar, bass, and drums has been drawing on music from almost every corner of the world, from folk music of the Peruvian Andes to 1970s African pop. They […]

  • We Five Co-Founder to Showcase Folk-Rock Experience

    It wouldn’t be at all surprising to find tea and crumpets being added to local menus or San Diegans walking around doing really bad impressions of the British accent. This is after all 2014, the 50th anniversary of the British Invasion. Almost on a daily basis — through print and electronic media — we are […]

  • Tim Dismang and the JOHN STEWART Band Pay Tribute to a Legend

    When San Diego native, legendary singer-songwriter, and member of the Kingston Trio, John Stewart died in 2008, he left behind a legion of loyal fans, friends, and family. He also left countless stories of the personal impact he had on people’s lives. He was not just any singer-songwriter but a pioneer in what we call […]

  • JON KANIS: All-American Mongrel Boy

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    If he isn’t the definition of a 21st-century musical Renaissance Man, Jon Kanis comes close: a musical archivist (and DJ with a library of 150,000 songs), he’s been involved in film and TV productions, and is an author and music journalist (and a regular Troubadour contributor). As composer, producer, and performer of his own music, […]

  • Last Night a DJ Saved my Life: Turning Every Shade of Blue on KSDS Jazz88

    [It] was the kind of station I used to listen to late at night growing up, and it brought me back to the trials of my youth and touched the spirit of it. Back then when something was wrong the radio could lay hands on you and you’d be all right. — Bob Dylan (1941—) […]

  • SCENE THROUGH THE LENS: Dan Chusid, Dennis Andersen, John Hancock, Steve Covault

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    The next time you see a live band in San Diego, look around carefully. The most talented artist in the room may well not be on stage. He or she may be behind a camera. Photography is an art, seeking and capturing emotions and moments that touch us. People go to concerts not just to […]

  • TIFFANY JANE: Discovery

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    When the rare perfect storm comes together, combining a really talented jazz vocalist, a combo of smooth, accomplished players, and a collection of ear-catching material, the results can be magical. Voilà, Discovery, the new album by Tiffany Jane and the Kicks, a masterful and refreshing album that hits on all soul cylinders, finds room for […]

  • Wisdom Doesn’t Expire

    Part of being a record producer is answering questions. A lot of them. Not just of the in-session variety like, “How was that?” or “Should I stand farther back?”, but those with regard to philosophical and methodical concerns, like the examples listed below… > Should I go digital or analog? Traditionally, the differences between analog […]

  • MICHAEL TIERNAN: Inside Your Head

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    Inside Your Head is prolific local alternative rocker Michael Tiernan’s fifth full-length CD since 2004. A guy with a great story, he has traveled this country and Europe, survived cancer and lost a brother to it, was a seminarian in the Vatican, and became a married father of two. Tiernan makes a point on his […]