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  • MICHAEL CROSSMAN: Desert Diamonds

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    With his fourth and newest CD, Desert Diamonds, songster Michael Crossman continues his presentations of his country and country/pop crossover songs. With greater production values than his previous releases, Desert Diamonds should please his many fans. Don’t let the faux daguerreotype photograph of Crossman in cowboy outerwear on the CD cover (complete with faithful horse […]

  • DAN GINDLING: Fingerprints

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    San Diegan Dan Gindling says he started writing the songs for his CD Fingerprints a year after his wife’s 2008 passing, as a sort of therapy. Citing Springsteen, Jason Mraz, and Jackson Browne among his influences, his laid back, mostly acoustic songs are mellow, friendly glimpses into his life experiences. On the disc, Gindling doesn’t […]

  • Dusty Brough: New Times for Nylon

    “This is what I’ve always done,” says Dusty Brough, his blond hair, curly and more than a little wild, pulled more than combed to one side. It’s a warm fall morning, the kind we get here in San Diego when there is a mild Santa Ana. We’re sitting outside, on the deck of the Living […]

  • Jug Band Music: An American Tradition Alive and Well in San Diego

    You might say all American roots music came from jug band music. If you did say that, you’d be kinda right. Certainly, bluegrass, country, blues, Americana, and other forms of roots music have been influenced by jug band music even if their origins lie elsewhere. So, what is this cacophony of music called jug band? […]

  • Teaming Up for a Jazzy Christmas!

    Locally based jazz singers Sacha Boutros and Jonathan Karrant have a habit of bumping into each other at other people’s shows. Members of each other’s mutual admiration society, they wondered how it would be to sing together. On Saturday, December 7 at the Athens Market Taverna in downtown San Diego local jazz fans can go […]

  • Analog Chew: Sound Bites

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    One of the indicators that San Diego has arrived as a music town is, obviously, the sheer number of musicians taking local stages. But perhaps the biggest sign that things are going well is in the surrounding business that have sprung up to cater to musicians’ needs. From instrument repair to labels, music schools to […]

  • Patric Petrie and the Secret to her Success

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    If you were to drive in the western coast of Ireland in the County of Mayo, from the 59 highway you could head west on 319. On 319 you’d go north through the heather and heath, with lakes and rolling hills in the distance. Passing the whitewashed walls of E.T. Sweeney’s roadside garage, you’d pass […]

  • The Blind Boys of Alabama: A Christmas Story

    There is nothing more unique than the sound of the human voice. From it comes all of the sounds of our spirit, our emotions, our passions. Today, I sit here in the warmth of a small apartment, the rain pouring outside as I listen to the Blind Boys of Alabama, defying time and spiritual boundaries […]