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  • So Much Music to Enjoy

    I can’t see that it’s worth the time for fans of a certain type of music to put down folks who listen to and love any other kind of music. I grew up listening to country and western music with a smattering of popular song (mostly off the radio), discovered rhythm and blues in the […]

  • EL MONTE SLIM: If I Could Just Break Even

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    In 2010, El Monte Slim released an EP, Kill Myself to Sleep, that caught the attention of local alt-country listeners and snagged an SD Music Award nomination. That disc was a bare-bones recording with just vocalist/guitarist/singer Ian Trumbull and pedal steel/guitarist Joe Camacho in the studio; El Monte Slim is back with a full CD […]

  • Remembering Toshi Seeger, the Maker of Stone Soup

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    If Americana music is about connection, then when one of us passes away, we all feel the loss. I feel it today in a distinct if distant way. In the story of so many artists of the last 100 years, little is ever written about the soul of many of our greatest contributors to the […]

  • LOU FANUCCHI: Café a  la Mode

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    For decades accordionist Lou Fanucchi has distinguished himself as one of the most accomplished and versatile musicians of southern California. San Diegans might be familiar with his klezmer performances with Hot P’Stromi, his appearances with the Tex-Mex band Mex, or his solo performances at several local restaurants. From tango to Cajun and zydeco, to polka, […]

  • August 2013 Calendar

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  • Bring Your Leis (and Blue Suede Shoes) to Tiki Oasis!

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    If you’ve come across a scratchy 78 record and heard a cookin’ Hawaiian band that would sound just as at home on the Grand Old Opry stage in Nashville as they would in a nightclub just one block away from Waikiki Beach, you are not alone. There is a connection. It is this musical cross-fertilization […]

  • The Nature of Craving

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    We’re trapped in a hungry animal. Gasping for air, thirsty all the time, burning fuel like a Colorado wildfire — we have, shall we say, certain needs. And no matter how much air, water, and food we devour, our needs go on unabated. There is no end to the hunger. Life itself is one giant […]

  • The Babe’s Always Hot, Part 2

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    Exiled from San Diego for several years, one of the strongest memories that sustained my affection for this city during my absence centered on the many expressions I’d witnessed on the face of Lady Six during my youth — the magic, excitement, drama, inspiration she had been able to bring into our home along with […]

  • YAEL & VLADY: Delicious in ze Middle

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    Geographically, a lot of locals believe that San Diego has a musical center highly concentrated around downtown and extending through South Park and North Park. This is, after all, where all the hippest places and music are, and it’s where a lot of musicians live. Despite this musical centrism for our town, North County has […]

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