It’s a Cover Up: Poolside / Hannah & Maggie

Earlier this summer, we talked about the sometimes blessed, sometimes cursed task of learning cover songs. It’s not always the most pleasant chore when you’ve been hired for a three hour bar gig where no original music is allowed. But, learning covers by artists that have inspired you and interpreting them in new ways can be glorious! I want to share two recent examples I’ve come across.

The first is from a band I’ve been listening to a lot lately called Poolside. They have a really great cover of Neil Young’s Harvest Moon:

The next disCOVERy (get it?) is from a duo called Hannah & Maggie. They are on tour from New York City and rolled through San Diego last night to play a show at The Tin Can. Their version of Simon & Garfunkel’s “The Boxer” was so beautiful, I had to share:

What are some of your favorite covers?

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