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  • Lou’s digitization project is looking for lost tapes!

    As our digital project moves along (we’re up to the 11th San Diego State Folk Festival now, which was in 1977) and as the word got out about all the tapes of concerts and festivals I’ve done (since 1967) being copied for the collections at the Library of Congress and the California Collection at UCLA, […]

  • WILL SUMNER: Pier Groove

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    If there is one instrument in the world that tempts its players to display their technical prowess, to throw in gobs and gobs of pyrotechnics, to barrage the listener with lightning-quick arpeggios, riffs, and licks that can challenge the ears of the gods, it is the guitar. (OK, I know that it’s actually the accordion, […]

  • Common Threads: The Lacemakers

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    Meet the Lacemakers, three women, all multi-instrumentalists with lovely voices, who also just happen to be a hair stylist, a teacher, and a natural dog treat company owner. The trio, based out of Escondido, specializes in Scottish, Irish, Appalachian, bluegrass, and original mountain music. Among them they play guitars, fiddle, banjo, drum, pennywhistle, and mountain […]

  • OTOSCOPE: Reflection

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    Otoscope fits into the “adult alternative” category, a local quartet founded by Tom Teubl, who is originally from Cleveland. After a 2004 disc that featured local guitarist Steve Langdon, the current band includes Teubl on rhythm guitar and vocals, Langdon on guitars and keys, Doug Purvis on bass, and Benjamin Franklin Day II on drums. […]


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    Two Rivers, the new album by Folding Mr Lincoln, is one of those rare musical statements where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. The songs tell individual tales, but also combine for a chronological storybook, best heard from start to finish; it requires an emotional investment from the listener, but one […]

  • June 2013 Calendar

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    “This is the dawning of the age… And the moon is in… And peace will guide…” With these lyrics Tori Roze playfully opens her recent release Turbulence. Riffing off “The Age of Aquarius,” the aspirational anthem of the Baby Boomers from the musical Hair, which hit Broadway some 45 years ago, Roze and her band, […]

  • A Tribute to the Doors’ Ray Manzarek

    You don’t make music for immortality, you make music for the moment, capturing the sheer joy of being alive on planet Earth… Everybody should live it that way. –Ray Manzarek In the summer of 1967 the Doors played the Anaheim Convention Center. I was 12 years old. I was completely transfixed by the band. Having […]

  • Singing for Your Life on the Pocket Watch Tour: A Night at the Vagabond Opera

    Cabaret: a form of entertainment featuring music, comedy, song, dance, recitation or drama. In a compelling contrast to the usual range of acts that are booked at AMSD Concerts, this month, on June 27th, the church on Mansfield Street plays host to the roguish ensemble Vagabond Opera, an artistic collective out of Portland, Oregon that’s […]