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  • SARA PETITE: Circus Comes to Town

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    Sara Petite, profiled in these pages in the January issue, has released her fourth album, Circus Comes to Town. Like her previous album, Doghouse Rose (2010), Circus was recorded in Nashville at the Insomnia Studio with a team of crack session players. Petite dedicated Circus to the loving memory of Johnny Kuhlken, her partner and […]

  • An Unforgettable Marathon

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    This month I feel the need to eschew my grating frivolity in favor of something entirely true and, hopefully, interesting. You see, I’ve been rereading about a hundred of Lou Curtiss’ past columns for this paper and that has left me in a state of happy nostalgia. The music festivals he’s produced over the years […]

  • Shpil: The Art of Playing Klezmer

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    Edited by Yale Strom. Providing both a history of klezmer, as well as being an instructional book, Shpil: The Art of Playing Klezmer is a primer for the appreciation and performance of this musical genre that is filled with life and joy. Yale Strom is a world-renowned musician, ethnographer, composer, writer, and filmmaker. He is […]

  • Bluegrass Music and Kids

    Kids love music. All kinds of music. From toddlerdom to senior status, kids of all ages enjoy listening to and playing music. While other forms of music dominate the popular media, roots music, Americana, and bluegrass have strong youth followings as well. Let’s take a look at why kids can easily become involved in bluegrass. […]

  • The Starving Musicians: Where to Eat in this Town

    Eastbound Bar & Grill, Lakeside Lakeside, a small town nestled in the western foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains, conjures up visions of cowboys and horses. Upon our arriving at Maine Avenue, the heart of its historic downtown district, the mental picture is confirmed. Here we are at the Eastbound Bar and Grill, a friendly neighborhood […]


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    At least since Jeannie Cheatham arrived in town in the mid-1970s with her late husband, Jimmy, San Diego County has been home to some stellar female soul-jazz-blues singers. Ella Ruth Piggee, Candye Kane, Steph Johnson, and Missy Anderson have spoiled local fans through the decades. Might be time to add Jaleh Mohseni to that roster. […]

  • MohaviSoul: Every Second

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    It’s always refreshing to hear a new take on a traditional form (especially when its done with such aplomb) and if you’re a fan of the down home Appalachian vibe then I say that you’re in for a face full of good eatin’ with the debut recording of San Diego’s own MohaviSoul. MohaviSoul are a […]

  • Where in the World Is ISAAC CHEONG?

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    Isaac Cheong, a San Diegan known best for his influence as open mic host at several local venues, has recently traveled to choice locations around the globe. Now, he’s returned home, although it doesn’t represent any kind of end to his overall journey. Whether he is living in Sydney, Paris or San Diego, as a […]

  • Kev: A Force to Be Reckoned With

    In the early 1900s, George Bernard Shaw penned the phrase, “Those who can, do; those who cannot, teach.” Decades later Woody Allen attached onto the now infamous adage with, “Those who cannot teach, teach gym.” Sometime after Woody’s skewing of the phrase, Kevin Rone’s family moved to San Diego from Minnesota in the 1980s. Once […]