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  • Gram Parsons: The Man and the Mystique

    There is a place in the high desert where I go every year usually in spring. It’s within the borders of Joshua Tree National Monument. It’s called Cap Rock. It is a place that can be so silent; if you listen to the stillness long enough, you can almost hear the music that has passed […]

  • A Controversy …Already?

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    Hello Troubadourians! I received the following email the other day and I wasn’t sure if I should respond or not. Check it out… Hello,     Thank you for this forum. I was a professional musician years back and I know there are a lot of people asking something for nothing from musicians. Well, now unfortunately […]

  • Music From Another World

    I love walking my golden lab, Max. Not just for the fresh air, sunshine, and chance to stretch one’s perpetually studio-bent legs, although those are obvious benefits. I dig the symbiotic nature of it all: he needs me to walk him, I need him to need me to walk him… it’s all good. We walk […]


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    Oceanside’s Hello Trouble bills itself as a “vintage country” band, sort of a throwback to the days when the stars were Buck Owens and Patsy Cline. Those days when most country bands hailed from tough prairie towns like Bakersfield or Tulsa, and usually included an out-of-work waitress and three local roughnecks with various combos of […]

  • Leonard Patton: Soul, Style, and So Much More

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    You might say that Leonard Patton was destined to become a singer. His father sang gospel; he also managed a gospel group. When Patton was 11 years old he wrote his first song. And, according to him, that he soaked up any music that he could expose himself to, even at an early age. He […]


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    Rodello’s Machine is a home-grown San Diego duo consisting of Nate Donnis (acoustic guitar, lead vocals) and Kolby Knickerbocker (acoustic guitar, vocals, bass, percussion, keyboard, piano) that formed in 2009. Their debut EP, also titled Rodello’s Machine (a name that appeared to Donnis in a dream), features six original songs written by Donnis and Knickerbocker, […]

  • 20 Years After: Memories of Georges Delerue (1925-1992)

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    “Georges had a unique talent that every director’s looking for: the ability to enhance the director’s work. If you had a comedy scene and it wasn’t as funny as you’d like for it to have been, Georges could make it funnier. If you wanted to evoke a beautiful sunny day and it was raining, Georges’ […]

  • The Wisdom of Spring

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    Since the invention of language, poets and writers have strained every linguistic fiber and stretched every metaphoric muscle to celebrate the magic of spring. Songs have been written, symphonies composed, paintings painted, and sculptures sculpted. We’re perennially drawn to the emblematic power of spring because it represents our own capacity to begin again, to rise […]


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    Ricky Small has a YouTube video out, singing his tune “You Should Go”; it’s catchy, and about halfway through he tosses in the first verse of local singer Jason Mraz’s monster hit “I’m Yours” without having to change chords, melody, or his voice. He also sounds like Mraz on his debut CD with his band […]