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  • June 2011 Cover

    Elizabeth Schwartz

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  • Will Sumner: Tracks

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    A big reason the guitar is so popular is because of the wide variety of voices it has. From quiet, nylon-stringed classicals to electric power axes, in the right hands a six-string can evoke anything from baroque beauty to breathtaking speed and bombast. Carlsbad’s Will Sumner is the kind of jazz guitarist whose playing draws […]

  • Jane Lui: Goodnight Company

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    Ah, San Diego. We love you for your lackadaisical sunshiny ways, and we loathe you for your inability to recognize, claim, and retain true artistic genius for your very own. From Stone Temple Pilots to the Dirty Projector’s Amber Coffman who have also made (or have at least thought about making) their artistic exodus, you’ve […]

  • Tyson Motsenbocker: Until It Lands

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    Formerly guitarist/singer with a band called Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful in the open country of Spokane, Tyson Motsenbocker’s music was described as ‘lyrically driven folk music.’ He is now in Solana Beach, and his latest music has been beefed up by cohort and drummer Bumper Dorman (Janu and the Whalesharks). On his six-track debut EP, Until It […]

  • Follow Me Down: Vanguards Lost Psychedelic Era 1966

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    Although Vanguard is often thought of as a folk label, populated by myriad acoustic troubadours, the truth is that the label has always had an adventurous edge, nowhere better exemplified than on their new compilation, Follow Me Down: Vanguard’s Lost Psychedelic Era 1966-1970. Featuring 18 vintage items from the labels vaults, there are no names […]

  • Parker Ainsworth: Gone And Done It

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    Parker Ainsworth is a folk balladeer, originally from Austin. He moved his guitar and muse out West and has been playing in SoCal for several years. In mid 2009, he put together a five-track debut EP, Parker Loves You, and it has been re-released. The songs are a series of originals that spotlight Ainsworth’s considerable […]

  • Dwight Worden - Bluegrass Corner

    Bluegrass Every Day

    Do you ever wonder where you can have fun playing and listening to bluegrass music here in San Diego? Fortunately, the answer to that question is: lots of places. Let’s take a quick look at some of the opportunities here in our home town, focusing on places where you can jam and participate as well […]

  • Elizabeth Schwartz: Finding her Voice Through Klezmer

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    Elizabeth Schwartz, a uniquely talented vocalist and singer with the klezmer band Hot Pstromi, seemed familiar to me even before we ever met. Sometimes you just get a feeling you’ve known someone without meeting them. You sense connections, a voice, a common tongue, a theme, a world you both had been a part of somewhere […]

  • Jose Sinatra - Hosing Down

    A Whole New Word

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    The account of my encounter with Justin Bieber (which appeared last year in this column) did little to tame the smoldering ardor within our younger female readers. Indeed, it seems only to have added fuel to the passionate flames licking the interior of their budding womanhood. Even one of our older male readers (himself a […]