Parlor Showcase

  • gayle cover photo

    GAYLE SKIDMORE: Coloring her World with Art and Music

    There are many ways to describe music, but even with a wide palette of descriptions, that wouldn’t do Gayle Skidmore’s songs justice. She is indeed a brilliant artist, a gifted tunesmith, a virtuoso musician, and more. Many consider her a singer-songwriter. True, she often performs solo, with a guitar, banjo, or keyboard, but that only […]


    JEFF AND BEATRIZ PEKAREK: Bringing a World of Music to San Diego

    “You look familiar.” Jeff Pekarek is examining me with one of those, “I think we went to high school together,” expressions. Beatriz Basile, his wife, looks up at me and wordlessly nods in agreement. I take a good gander at both of them as I wait for my Expensive-o-latte at the counter at Starbucks. As […]


    Joe Garrison: Creating Jazz Magic with his Society of Friends

    It’s a festive crowd at 98 bottles. Unusual for a Sunday, the place is packed. Every seat looks to be taken, and folks mill about the stage. Despite the size of the crowd, it seems as though everyone knows everyone else, like this is some sort of reunion. There are lots of smiles, lots of […]

  • TROUB 14-12-KENEALLY final

    Treading the Boards with Mike Keneally: Maestro masterstroke in 9/8 time

    In the liner notes to the 1968 Mothers of Invention album, We’re Only in It for the Money, Frank Zappa instructs all and sundry that, before checking out the ultimate track on the LP, “The Chrome Plated Megaphone of Destiny,” go and “dig up” a copy of Franz Kafka’s short story “In the Penal Colony” […]

  • Bolland cover photo

    10 Things to Love About Peter Bolland

    They should have never asked me to write this article. I mean, what were they thinking? First off, Peter Bolland is one of my dearest friends and a trusted confidant. We also infrequently perform together in a side-project called Allied Gardens. I’ve produced and recorded two albums for his former band, the Coyote Problem, as […]

  • oct_2014 cover photo

    SCENE THROUGH THE LENS: Dan Chusid, Dennis Andersen, John Hancock, Steve Covault

    The next time you see a live band in San Diego, look around carefully. The most talented artist in the room may well not be on stage. He or she may be behind a camera. Photography is an art, seeking and capturing emotions and moments that touch us. People go to concerts not just to […]

  • berkley cover photo

    Berkley’s Sound Garden: An Exploration of Jeff Berkley’s Locally Grown Music Produce

    The Seed I can’t remember where I was the first time I heard Jeff Berkley perform, but I can remember what I felt: everything. His fingers flew across the frets, his voice sank into my skin, and his lyrics stuck to my soul. It was this baptism of emotion that completely converted me to a […]


    RAFTER ROBERTS: Perverse Profundities

    Rafter Roberts stands no taller than your average human male, yet his fiery red-haired head is filled with the minutiae of music, swirling and churning constantly. Fortunately, this leaves little room for fear, of which Rafter has nearly none. His fearlessness has led him to do just about everything he sets his mind to, which […]

  • Photo by Steve Covault

    Nena Anderson: The Music of Letters and Serenades

    Nat King Cole once sang of those “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer” complete with “soda and pretzels and beer.” George Gershwin thought the “livin’ was easy” during “Summertime.” While many Americans take the cue from these and other summer anthems and put on the brakes to relax during the heat waves of July and […]