Parlor Showcase

  • feb cover photo design

    SHARIFAH MUHAMMAD: A Song from the Heart

    It’s been said you can tell a lot about a person from the company they keep. When asking friends, fans, and fellow musicians about Sharifah Muhammad it became abundantly clear in two questions or less: that she was born into this world to sing. One of her friends, San Diego vocalist Missy Andersen, says she […]


    YALE STROM: Exploring Klezmer’s Traditions and Transformations

    “The White House?” I ask, almost incredulous. “Yes, Hanukkah at the White House,” says Yale Strom. It’s been a week since Strom was one of around 400 honored guests invited to celebrate Hanukkah with Barack and Michelle Obama at the White House, but he is clearly still excited. “It was humbling, kind of surreal, and […]


    CREOLE FOR YOUR SOUL… AND YOUR SOLES! Cajun Spice from the Infectiously Fiery Furnace of Billy Lee & the Swamp Critters

    I don’t speak Spanish, But I understand everything when I’m dancing! —“I Don’t Speak Spanish” by Bobby Matos and John Santos Alvin Toffler’s got nothing on this, baby. Thanks to the explosion and availability of information during the 20th century, it has never been easier (or more enjoyable) to appreciate the centuries’ old tradition of […]

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    Reimagining DAN McLAIN, starring Country Dick Montana and a cast of thousands

    Human nature is an ever-evolving magic trick out of the act of contrition: bowing one’s head to the laws of physics, and discovering how to work within its unprejudiced parameters. For the sensitive and hyperaware, it’s simply a matter of constant invention, and re-invention, of Self. Because, when you get right down to it, we […]

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    WELCOME TO THE CHURCH OF EARL: A Bluesman for the 21st Century – Earl Thomas

    If you were a part of San Diego’s music community back in the late ’80s and remember ‘Bluesday Tuesdays’ or Sunday afternoons at Winston’s in OB, then you already know the name Earl Thomas. For a short, brilliant moment back in the day he was the voice of one of San Diego’s premier party bands, […]

  • #1 G Burns cover photo

    G Burns Jug Band: Tales of Trains, Tubas, and Washboards

    The funny thing about music is that it doesn’t rest so well in history. Because music is a living thing, it challenges us to explore its soundscape, no matter where in history or geography it resides. It is like a comet with a great tail that pulls us into its fiery allure. Take jug band […]

  • Janet Beazley Cover

    JANET BEAZLEY: Making Music in the Here and Now

    This is a story of how music has developed through time as a human art form. It expresses our deepest human feelings and gives us a window into our past, through the accumulated works of many master composers (well-known and lesser-known). Great musical works of art rely on expert composers, arrangers, and instrumentalists, but the […]

  • #1 TROUB 15-7 RAINEY

    Nobody’s Fool: Jerry Raney Sticks to his Guns

    Say what you will about this tourist trap of a monstropolis that we collectively call San Diego: over the landscape of the last five decades there is no other musician in town that has emerged as such a quintessential by-product of this “destination location” in quite the way Jerry Raney has. In the pantheon of […]

  • missy cover duo

    Missy Andersen: Singing from the Soul

    Dateline: Memphis,TN Missy Andersen clutches a massive cup of coffee and scans the entire hotel lobby. She’s understandably anxious; in just hours the Blues Foundation will announce the winners of the 2015 Blues Music Awards. Missy is in Memphis, the home of the blues, B.B. King has said, as one of five nominees in the […]