Parlor Showcase


    Mikan Zlatkovich: Man in the Moment

    “The time for performing is now. The time for practicing was then,” says Mikan Zlatkovich. We’re at a Starbucks in the middle of Kearney Mesa. I’ve barely sat down, barely had a chance to grab my pen or get out my notes, and Zlatkovich is already talking to me about his life and his music. […]


    Zowie! Zany! Zesty! The Zzymzzy Quartet Knows How to Swing!

    The early weeks of 2014 in San Diego produced extraordinarily warm weather, resembling more the Bard’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream than Simon and Garfunkel’s “A Hazy Shade of Winter.” Such balmy nights can energize the populace, and a Friday night in the busy street of University Avenue in North Park is no exception. A recent […]

  • february cover photo

    Lisa Sanders and Karen Hayes: ALMOST FAMOUS

    JAVA JOE’S COFFEE HOUSE, 1993 Jewel Kilcher works behind the counter serving muffins and coffee. Steve Poltz is on stage telling a meandering story that will eventually lead into a song; his Mexican adventure with Jewel during which they co-wrote “You Were Meant for Me” has yet to happen. The cast of characters milling about […]

  • TROUB 14-David Fleminger

    The Perpetual Flowering of DAVID FLEMINGER

    Meet David Fleminger. A soft spoken, 1,000-petaled lotus of artistic temperament whose place amongst San Diego music history is secure, based on the numerous groundbreaking bands he has been involved with over the years. Although he spent half of his life 550 miles north of here, in San Francisco, he found out in 2011 that […]

  • PATRIC PETRIE_cover pic

    Patric Petrie and the Secret to her Success

    If you were to drive in the western coast of Ireland in the County of Mayo, from the 59 highway you could head west on 319. On 319 you’d go north through the heather and heath, with lakes and rolling hills in the distance. Passing the whitewashed walls of E.T. Sweeney’s roadside garage, you’d pass […]

  • TROUB 13-11_DALE

    The Charm and Persistence of Christopher Dale

    It’s easy to be swept away with all the fast lane nonsense in the world to which we refer “the music biz.” It’s an exciting place to be, after all… the creativity, the colorful characters involved, the newest buzz. Folks come and go. Scenes come and go. The underlying politics shift constantly based on how […]

  • jamie cover

    JAMIE SHADOWLIGHT: In Search of Intelligent Life

    Look at the numbers, that’s all I ask Who’s at the head of every class? Do you really think they’re smarter than you are? They just work their asses off Their parents make them do it! – “Korean Parents” by Randy Newman Jamie Shadowlight is one sly, perceptive creature, seductively graceful and talented beyond the […]

  • sept cover photo

    SCOTTIE BLINN: The Making of a Mudshark

    Scottie “Mad Dog” Blinn: 20 Years of Tenacity In the mid-1990s, no one ruled the San Diego electric Blues scene like the Mississippi Mudsharks. They won SDMA’s Best Blues Band in ‘95, ’96, and ’97. They opened for Willie Nelson, Buddy Guy, George Clinton, Dick Dale, and almost every big name blues band that rolled […]

  • deez cover small

    ROB DEEZ: Mild-mannered Medical Professional by Day, Singer-Songrhymer by night

    “In 1981 Sublime and the Wu-Tang Clan gave birth to Rob Deez on the set of Saturday Night Live.” You may wonder what the hell a sentence like that is doing in a publication like this. Allow me to explain. Rob Deez is an acoustic hip hop comedian. The above sentence is the bio listed […]

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