Full Circle

  • WAYNE RIKER: A Life in Music

    Wayne Riker? A national treasure. A humble, but virtuoso guitarist with a dry wit, Riker has led a multifaceted life in music. An East Coast native, he was already a veteran of more than a dozen bands when he arrived in San Diego circa 1980, immediately immersing himself in the local music community. Of course […]

  • Mike Bloomfield in San Diego

    It’s been mentioned by offhand wits that one’s younger days get hipper the more one speaks of them, an understandable response to a friend or stranger’s grand recollections about the times they’ve been near the famous, the legendary, the brilliant, the ignoble, the stylishly crude. But there’s no intention to brag that I had seen […]

  • GUY CLARK: My Favorite Memories of Him

    While the passing of Guy Clark in Nashville last month was not a shock or surprise, it nonetheless had a great impact on so many fans, friends, and musical compatriots in the world of Americana music. It is not that an era has passed with his death. For Americana artists, alt-country musicians, and singer-songwriters in […]

  • San Diego Folk Heritage: Still Folkey After All These Years

    TO PRESERVE AND PROMOTE Maybe you’ve noticed the Folk Heritage ads in every issue of the Troubadour. Maybe you’ve been to one of our concerts, or dances, or festivals, or even performed at one. In any case, I’ll bet there is more to Folk Heritage than you suspected. Knowledge is power, so read on. The […]

  • Merle Haggard: A life well-lived

    How do we say goodbye to our legends in American music? It’s a hard thing that fate asks for us to do. Especially when it’s an artist who has changed the musical landscape over the course of a six-decade career? For California country singer-songwriter, Merle Haggard, who died on April 6, on his 79th birthday, […]

  • Retrospection in “Blue” Buddy’s Many Hats, Part 2

    Part Two In last month’s issue—the tenth anniversary of Buddy Blue’s death—we looked at Buddy’s growth as a songwriter and his time with the Rockin’ Roulettes and the Beat Farmers, the latter group earning Buddy an international following. He then celebrated his Syracuse, New York roots when he created the Jacks. At their peak period, […]

  • Ramblin’ Jack Elliott: A Living Legend Comes to Town

    Opportunities to see and hear a legend don’t come along all that often. On April 16, San Diego area folk music fans will get a chance to do just that, when Ramblin’ Jack Elliott appears in concert. A man whose life reads like it was lifted from the pages of a novel and who has […]

  • Retrospection in “Blue”—Buddy’s Many Hats

    Part 1 For the appropriate memory rush that accompanied the 20th anniversary of Dan (aka Country Dick Montana) McLain’s death—Jon Kanis’ comprehensive tribute cover in last November’s Troubadour—and the more recent musical celebration at the Belly Up Tavern, it’s mind boggling to consider that we will soon be remembering a milestone date in the passing […]

  • Rosanne Cash Follows the River and the Thread

    There is an unbroken line that runs through the Deep South like a river. It can be traced throughout history, through the anguished soul of the land and its people. It’s where our nation divided itself during the Civil War. It’s where the restless outcry for justice gave birth to the Civil Rights Movement. The […]