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  • Doktor Dave Sawyer Enriched San Diego’s Music Coverage

    Dave Sawyer— given the musical moniker “Doktor” by no less than [the late] Hot Rod Harris—is leaving San Diego for the sometimes greener, sometimes whiter, and occasionally brilliant-with-color pastures of northern Idaho. Family is a powerful force, and Dave has the kind of heart that responds most strongly to sympathetic vibrations— and so he is […]

  • Guitar Workshop Plus: A Great Way to Improve Your Chops

    Any musicians out there looking to hone their craft will want to check out Guitar Workshop Plus, taking place on the campus of California State University San Marcos from June 18 -23. The music camp is an immersive experience, with classes and seminars open to students of all ages and skill levels, in any style […]

  • San Diego Musicians Spice Up Gator Fest

    Perhaps the most accurate word of San Diego’s ongoing fling with all things Louisianan is “growth.” Spring is in the air; time for baseball, blooming flowers and eating gumbo while rocking to a zydeco beat: could it be time once again for Gator by the Bay? The calendar never lies, and this year’s celebration down […]

  • Echo Mountain String Band and the Importance of Jamming

    The first time I jammed with the Echo Mountain String Band, I left with a fat lip. It was the annual Santa Barbara Old-Time Fiddler’s Convention in 2015. The beautiful grounds at the Rancho La Paterna were filled with fiddlers, banjoists, guitarists, and mandolinists that had gathered to jam on some old fiddle melodies and […]

  • Chuck Berry Was the Beginning of It All

    Chuck Berry, who passed away at the age of 90 on March 18, was the Beginning of it all. His is a shadow that falls over those who took up guitar after him. He created the language and vocabulary of rock ‘n’ roll, both as musician and songwriter. His body of work, truly, is the […]

  • Lady Rogo’s Left Coast Blues

    When the San Diego Music Award nominations for 2017 were announced, there were several established local artists on the list of nominees for Best Singer/ Songwriter. Then there was a new name: Lady Rogo. The Boston-area transplant switched coasts in early 2016 and has found the San Diego scene “very supportive and interactive.” Rogo appreciates […]

  • Suzanne Shea: When an Irish Heart Is Singing

    Part Two As Suzanne Shea reflects on that memorable chapter of her life—when she and Peter Varhola had successfully established themselves as a musical duo for the Reuben’s establishment—the singer realizes that her colleague’s influence extended well beyond the hundreds of hours and thousands of miles they had accumulated collectively in their odysseys throughout Southern […]

  • Catching Up with Michael Tiernan

    When people think of a singer/songwriter, they ought to think of Michael Tiernan. Gifted with a natural stage presence, his beautiful high tenor is the perfect vehicle for his songs, almost all of which touch on deep emotions. Charismatic, he easily connects with his audience. And when they think of someone who keeps his nose […]

  • Suzanne Shea: When an Irish Heart Is Singing

    The rich, bold aroma of coffee being brewed and served by a bevy of baristas busy at work behind the counter; the sounds of sweet laughter drifted throughout the ebb and flow of conversation greeted me as soon as I entered the café, located one block away from the trolley line I had used to […]