Cover Story

  • Gunnar Biggs: Stalwart on the Upright

    When asked what inspired him to take up the bass, Gunnar Biggs sums it up in two words: Paul McCartney. In 1964, Biggs was a fledgling French horn player, following in his father’s footsteps. The late Millard Biggs was a virtuoso of the brass instrument and taught at San Diego State University. Seeing the Beatles […]

  • Liz Ajuzie: Coming Out Swingin’

    When you sit down with Liz Ajuzie it becomes very apparent, very quickly, that she has a clear understanding of what matters most. Family is first; music, a close second. But Liz’s love and respect for both seem so intertwined it could very well be the other way around. When pressed, she just smiles, “My […]

  • Patrick Carney: Standing at the Corner of Art and Soul

    “Art is the one thing that speaks to everyone. Art has this long history, predating even language, of expressing nonverbal information. Art is really a series of evolutions.” These are one of many words of wisdom and depth from celebrated artist Patrick Carney, a San Diego County resident since 2001, whose acrylic work can be […]

  • Honoring Female Contributions While Striving for a More Human-Centered World

    Local vocal coach Francesca Valle describes an interaction with a San Diego booker for a popular local venue. The booker, who happened to have been a man, couldn’t remember to give her a call because she had the same name as another woman he didn’t like. She describes this as “subversive sexism”…he didn’t have a […]

  • Stacy Antonel: Ginger Cowgirl Is Sweetheart of the Rodeo

    It was mid-morning, a Sunday in Ocean Beach. Sunlight shimmered through the large windows of O.B. People’s Organic Food Market. I think I was somewhere along the aisle with the fair trade coffee when I heard a voice, clear, and a bit soulful. I can’t remember the song, but it was a jazz song, an […]

  • CHRIS VITAS: The Man with the Golden Bow

    It is rare to cite any musician playing any instrument that can truly hold his own on stage performing in a multitude of musical genres. San Diego County native, violinist Chris Vitas, fits that bill. A professional since 1969, Vitas has graced every stage from the Old Globe Theater and the San Diego Chamber Orchestra […]

  • The Troubadour @ Twenty

    One measure of success must surely be the number and quality of people who appreciate you. By that metric, the Troubadour has reached a pinnacle in the San Diego music community. When I took the assignment to write about the first 20 years of the magazine, I quickly realized that more voices than mine were […]

  • Straight Outta Siberia: Charles Burton and the Road Less Traveled

    Charles Burton is by far one of the most versatile blues guitarists in Southern California. His talents reach well beyond the traditional 12 bars. From his earliest memories he was educated in the works of Bach and Beethoven, but it was the Beatles that struck a chord. With forays into Cajun, country, and roots rock, […]

  • Irving Flores: Maestro of the Piano

    I remember first hearing the piano phenomenon Irving Flores about ten years ago in a band led by trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos at his weekly jam session at the bustling (and profoundly loud) nightclub El Camino on India Street down by the airport. Flores comes at you like a freight train, both hands fully loaded and […]