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  • STEVE POLTZ: Stardust and Satellites

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    It’s hard to believe Steve Poltz is now 62. He still sits in the mind as the young, 30-something smart-aleck leading the Rugburns at Winston’s in O.B. But here we are, 30-plus years on, with his 15th (or 16th, or 17th, depending on how you’re counting them) solo album, in addition to his Rugburns stuff […]

  • KGB and the Golden Age of Radio

    “The death of radio.” You’ve doubtless heard that term at some point or another. They bring it out every time some new-fangled doodad comes along that’s supposed to be so much better, it renders the need for terrestrial airwave information and entertainment transmission obsolete. Every time some corporate media conglomeration rolls into town, buying up […]

  • Why Is Bluegrass Music so Popular, Yet not on the Radio?

      Most popular music is broadly available for radio listening. Bluegrass music, with some exceptions, is generally not available for regular radio listening. Yet, its popularity is strong and growing. Some national survey results show that 20 million Americans, or more, listen to and enjoy bluegrass music. Why is it that this music is so […]

  • What Paperwork Should I Bring to a Recording Session?

    Background While taking the first step into the recording studio may be exhilarating, you need to consider which documents you may need to bring to make sure all your bases are covered as a recording artist. It is important to understand and keep in mind that once your song is recorded, it’s just the beginning […]

  • Alternative Interfacing

    From shelves of brick and mortar to the digitized warehouses of online retailers, there is a vast variety of audio interface solutions available to recording musicians and other content creators. This is due in no small part to an ever-widening client-base that has its eyes (and ears) on the broadening horizons accessed via these tools […]

  • David R. Morgan: The Captain Has Left the Stage

    “Leaning over, the Captain listens. “What is that?” the young girl asks, pointing to the contraption he sits behind. “It’s a pedal-steel guitar,” he says. “Can you show me?” He smiles, leans over a little more, pulls his cowboy hat down, and begins to play. Liquid steel seeps through his fingers and slide, gliding across […]

  • There’s Something for Everyone at Gator by the Bay!

    San Diego’s Gator by the Bay started when college friends Catherine Miller and Peter Oliver got hooked on music festivals. “In the ‘90s, were were traveling around and heard some zydeco at a Jazz Fest,” Miller recalls. When some Cajun/Zydeco festivals closed down, Miller and Oliver saw a golden opportunity. “It was the perfect time […]

  • JUAN CARLOS QUINTERO: Table for Five!

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    Jazz guitarist Juan Carlos Quintero has released nearly a dozen albums since 1990. Table For Five! is his latest effort, featuring a solid quartet along for the ride, including Eddie Resto, bass; Joe Rotondi, piano; Aaron Serfaty, drums; and Joey DeLeon, percussion. Recorded and mixed deftly by Talley Sherwood at Tritone Studios in Glendale, California, […]

  • April 2022 Calendar

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