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  • MICHAEL J. DWYER: Borderlands, Volume 2

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    Originally from Des Moines, Iowa, San Diego based singer/songwriter and guitarist Michael J. Dwyer has a voice that has an appealing, husky texture, dusty and measured in how it mulls over a lyric and shares it with an audience. He sounds like the better moments of Dylan or Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, throughout the […]

  • Why I Love the Adams Avenue Roots Festival

    Every year at the Roots Festival, it’s a meeting of old and new, with the kinds of music presented, but for me it’s also a coming together of old friends I don’t get to see very often. Some of them go back to the very beginning and have come back many times. Some of the […]


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    The Innocent Bystanders are a San Diego-based troupe of roots-rockers who’ve assumed the mantle of being this area’s premier practitioners of a music that is often called Americana. To clarify, Americana is a contemporary musical approach that combines and blends many kinds of American roots-oriented genres. There is a always the threat that unrestrained eclecticism […]

  • WHISKEY AND BURLAP: Around the Bend

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    Around the Bend is the debut album from the trio Whiskey and Burlap. It’s a delightful collection of 12 original tracks featuring Camille Sallave (vocals, percussion, banjolele), Ethan van Thillo (mandolin, vocals), and Craig McIntosh (guitar, violin, bass, and vocals), recorded and mixed nicely by Kris Towne at Capricorn Studios in San Diego. There are […]

  • Upward Social Mobility

    On October 26, 1965, the Beatles received M. B. E.––Members of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire––medals from Queen Elizabeth II during a formal ceremony at Buckingham Palace. They had previously been allowed to perform for her highness at the Royal Variety show on November 10, 1963, but this was altogether different. Whether […]

  • Honoring Female Contributions While Striving for a More Human-Centered World

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    Local vocal coach Francesca Valle describes an interaction with a San Diego booker for a popular local venue. The booker, who happened to have been a man, couldn’t remember to give her a call because she had the same name as another woman he didn’t like. She describes this as “subversive sexism”…he didn’t have a […]

  • Presonus Proves They Listen, Too!

    In the music creators’ world of audio gadgetry and recording tools, nothing shouts quite as loud as a satisfied customer, except maybe those of the dis-satisfied variety. Increasingly, they seem to be everywhere (those of the genus displeased en perpetua). Whether they’re data-crunching enthusiasts in heavily starched short-sleeved polyester shirts or some dude in a […]

  • Farewell to Frank Kocher, One of the Troubadour’s Finest

    We at the San Diego Troubadour lost a beloved and valued member of our family just as the holiday season was getting underway. Frank Kocher was a frequent contributor of stories and reviews that were well-regarded for being insightful and well-researched. The subjects of his articles had often expressed their gratitude for his thorough and […]

  • SARAH McQUAID: The St. Buryan Sessions

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    Singer/songwriter Sarah McQuaid is not going to be every person’s cup of tea, especially on her new release, The St. Buryan Sessions, 15 tracks with a total running time of a little over an hour in length. Recorded live in a church in Cornwall, England by Martin Stansbury, with no audience due to Covid-19, McQuaid […]