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  • The Troubadour @ Twenty

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    One measure of success must surely be the number and quality of people who appreciate you. By that metric, the Troubadour has reached a pinnacle in the San Diego music community. When I took the assignment to write about the first 20 years of the magazine, I quickly realized that more voices than mine were […]

  • JACKSLACKS: Inside Out

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    From the 1920s old-timey, barroom vibe of the title track that opens the disk, through the other nine original tunes on Inside Out, the attitude of the band is retro. Jackslacks have developed a sound that draws on, to varying degrees, Americana, country, rockabilly, folk, and old-style rock ‘n’ roll. On Inside Out you can […]

  • SONO Fest: Eat a bowl of Chili!

    “It feels less like a street fair and more like a party.” Brijet Meyers, SoNo Fest Chairperson, is explaining the annual chili cook-off that comes around on Sunday, the 5th of this month. “It’s unique. It’s intimate, not overproduced. It’s a community event, and you’ll see your neighbors there.” This year marks the 12th year […]

  • Me as a Radio Host

    I’ve been hosting a radio show this past year or so on the world music webcast, which is actually an Internet show and requires that you have a computer to listen in. However, that is the only up-to-date aspect of the program; everything else about it is an attempt to recreate the kind of radio […]

  • MohaviSoul Shines at the International Bluegrass Music Awards

    I hope everyone had a great turkey day filled with bluegrass music, friends, great food, and good times. We all needed that after a tough year and can hopefully look forward to more as we enter the holiday season. Here’s an update on bluegrass goings on. MohaviSoul at IBMA. Local bluegrass band MohaviSoul was selected […]

  • Charlie Watts: The Heartbeat of the Rolling Stones

    He was the sense of calm quiet in the midst of the rock ‘n’ roll circus we’ve called the Rolling Stones for the last near-60 years. But his low-key focused concentration was ironically and deceptively covered his pacing, timing, and rhythmic heart beat that gave the life blood to one of the greatest and most […]

  • December 2021 Calendar

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  • PAUL DURSO: Field of Constant Intensity

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    We’ve all been advised to never judge a book by its cover. For that matter, you can extend that dictum to include titles as well, (although I have to admit that I picked up The Unbearable Lightness of Being from the bookstore for that very reason). So, I have to admit that when I received […]

  • Beatific and Blissful, This Harpist Is Heaven Sent!

    Chiara Capobianco, harpist from Milan, now makes magic here in San Diego. First feat of fascination: how on Earth does Chiara fit her Salvi harp into that Volkswagen Bug? Second surprise: every gig she plays results in encore bookings. Third thing: she can arrange and perform any overplayed tune in such a way that it […]