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  • Slack Key Ohana

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    This month we ask five questions of new world music group, Slack Key Ohana, featuring Brian Witkin and Kamaka Mullen. As the name implies, the duo specializes in modern Hawaiian music via slack key guitar and a vocal sound that echoes the likes of Hawthorne’s Wilson brothers. On December 3, Slack Key Ohana releases their […]

  • Danger

    It’s 1976, and you are at one of rock ‘n’ roll’s premier pilgrimage sites: Detroit’s Cobo Hall. The rest of the headlining band has left the stage to the bass player for a short solo segment between bludgeoning heavy metal epics. This guy is absolutely terrifying, like something out of a bad-acid kabuki nightmare, wearing […]

  • RON STEVEN HOUSTON: A Long Road Home

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    The long-anticipated debut CD from singer/songwriter/guitarist Ron Steven Houston, A Long Road Home, is a winner from start to finish on many levels throughout this 17-track project, beautifully recorded, mixed, and produced by Jeff Berkley at his Ohm Grown Studio in Oceanside. Houston takes us on a kaleidoscope of his life’s journey of substance abuse, […]

  • Dar Williams Talks About her New Album

    The doorway through which we walk into the poetic-imagination-in-song of Dar Williams on her new album, I’ll Meet You Here, is a confessional conversation with time personified, the opening track, “Time, Be My Friend.” According to Williams the song was conceived doing the ordinary job of sanding a table. Being a singer, she began to […]

  • What’s Happening in the Bluegrass World this Month

    Things are starting to return to a bit of normalcy, finally. The San Diego Bluegrass Society is restarting its second Tuesday jam session, which will be held November 9 at the Mainstream Bar and Grill, outdoors, in Poway. A fall bluegrass campout is taking place. The California Bluegrass Association (CBA) is putting on an event […]

  • Remembering Michael Hart

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    Hello Troubadourians! It is late October as I write this column… there are so many things on my mind it is difficult to focus. A couple of days ago, I played in front of an audience for the first time in two years. The occasion was a Celebration of Life Show for Michael Hart. Michael […]

  • Karen Lee: Celebrating Serious Love and Spunk

    Friend, brother, longtime drummer, San Diego County native, and Bayou Brothers band founder Ric Lee lost the love of his life Karen on Sept 28, due to a severe aneurysm suffered just two days after celebrating their 20th anniversary. Many of us in the music community knew Karen, a bright, friendly, sparkplug of a gal […]

  • JT MORING: Only Just a Man

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    Only Just a Man is the debut solo CD from singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, JT Moring. It’s just what the doctor ordered in today’s complex world, 13 delightful original vocal tracks of entertaining stories and humorous social commentary on the human condition through his life’s diary of experiences and adventures. A marvelous wordsmith, he sings and […]

  • CHRIS STANDRING: Wonderful World

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    Wonderful World is Los Angeles guitarist Chris Standring’s fourteenth release as a leader. On this disc, the English-born jazz guitarist features a 19-piece orchestra, recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, under the direction of Geoff Gascoyne to embellish the sound behind Standring’s trio of guitar, bass, and drums, recorded in Studio City, California. The […]