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  • April Is Jazz Appreciation Month!

    April is Jazz Appreciation Month! And our very own Godmother of Jazz and Blues, Jeannie Cheatham, has suggestions for you and me about that…. The Smithsonian Museum dedicates special programs and activities annually in the month of April to recognize and celebrate the heritage and history of jazz. Their Jazz Appreciation Month (“JAM”) is dedicated […]

  • Lawrence Ferlinghetti: America’s Poet

    Lawrence Ferlinghetti passed away last month, at age 101, and what we’ve lost is a great American voice. His poems were written in a wonderfully amorphous American idiom, his rhythms were light, quick, jazz-like; his patois seemed to come from anywhere in 50 states. His poems were vocalizations of the man on the street who […]

  • SIMEON FLICK: Gung Ho Hum

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    Simeon Flick is a San Diego guitarist and multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire who comes to the world with his ninth studio album, Gung Ho Hum, a heady and sometimes overcrowded release of relentless eclecticism. There is a generous portion for whatever one’s tastes happen to be it seems, with the atmospheric tone poem of the opening track […]

  • Q & A with Gabe Lapano: After the Rain and Beyond

    If you recall the Cascades 1962 classic hit “Rhythm of the Rain,” it conjures a gentle scene of a quiet storm by the sea, perhaps with sand blowing on a lonesome shore. A yearning of love lost, far-flung yet hopeful. And so the song breezed by the winter of ’62, and by spring of 1963, […]

  • The Quiet Fire of Julien Cantelm

    Anyone in the close-knit San Diego jazz community is surely aware of the award-winning Danny Green Trio. For almost a decade multi-instrumentalist Julien Cantelm has driven that group with a precise and infectious groove that defies easy categorization. Cantelm seems to employ Brazilian rhythms and even Indian talas as often as you will hear him […]

  • Beth Ross-Buckley: Classical. Contemporary. Camarada.

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    The crowd is restive, more so than usual it seems for a concert at the Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center in La Jolla. It is, however, the usual attire for San Diego. Women are dressed up, with the men not as dressed up. I take in the post-Frank Lloyd Wrightesque architecture, the wood grained panels […]

  • Tim McNalley: The Best Is Yet to Come

    San Diego is home to a lot of world-class musicians, but for some reason (probably having to do with Bert Turetsky’s staking out the UCSD bass department in the late 1960s as a global center for bass instruction) we have a plethora of virtuoso bassists. As a bandleader, I’ve had the pleasure of playing with […]

  • Are We There Yet?

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    Hello Troubadourians! I didn’t want to write another COVID-related article. But it has been on my mind a lot lately as I’m sure it has been on the minds of most readers. I certainly hope that with the increasing number of people getting vaccinated we’ll soon be able to have some real live music again. […]

  • Summergrass Is Back!

    Summergrass is the premier Southern California bluegrass festival held every August since 2003—except of course last year, which was canceled due to covid. But, good news—Summergrass is on schedule for August 20-22 of 2021. The 2021 festival features the Lonesome River Band, Bluegrass, Etc., the ‘Po Ramblin’ Boys, and High Fidelity with more to be […]