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  • FYI

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    This month we pose five questions to guitarist Deven Berryhill of the Tourmaliners and get strange stage stories from members of Fashion Jackson, Manzanita Blues Band, and the Surf Birdz as well as Ryan Hiller and Donna Larsen. FIVE QUESTIONS FOR DEVEN BERRYHILL OF THE TOURMALINERS Featuring guitarist Deven Berryhill, The Tourmaliners head into 2020, […]

  • Tom Waits and Me

    Tom Waits has a couple of new CDs out and in spots he still sounds like the old Tom I remember from our days at the old HERITAGE COFFEE HOUSE on Mission Blvd. in Mission Beach. I was running the Wednesday Night Hoots (that’s Hootenanny) the first time Tom came in and played some time […]

  • KEN LEHNIG: Broken Heart

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    After years as part of several SoCal roots scenes, including singing for the Burning Sage Band, singer-songwriter Ken Lehnig has been releasing solo discs since 2014, and Broken Heart is his fourth. The new CD has the same crew of solid studio musicians aboard like his last two, including Lehnig’s guitar, banjo, mandolin, keys, and […]


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    I used to think of Jack Tempchin as a SoCal country-rock musician. Now I’m thinking of him more as a country-western outlaw à la Willie, Waylon, and Merle. Jack has gone through many transitions over the years. I remember his electric band that played the Calypso in Encinitas in the early-2000s. Then, Jack went solo […]

  • Justin and Melonie Grinnell: A Fine Romance

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    Being a jazz musician can be hard on your romantic relationships. Dating, let alone marrying a musician is no picnic and, in the tradition of Valentines Day, I salute anyone who has had the guts to even try. People who make it work have earned my highest respect. Relationships between two musicians seem doubly fraught—but […]

  • SUE PALMER: Gems, Vol. 2

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    San Diego jazz pianist Sue Palmer, the Queen of Boogie Woogie, the Sultana of Swing, the Lady Who Skates on the 88s. That is to say Ms. Palmer has been an invigorating presence on the live music scene in our busy burg, hustling and bustling her infectious blend of rhythm, riffing, boogie woogie, and barnstorming […]

  • Honoring Black History Month: Go Down Moses

    Whether you call it the “good” book, Torah, Five Books of Moses, or just the Old Testament, the text, poetry, and stories of the Bible have given comfort to millions of people for over two millennia. One group of people that found solace and strength from the Old Testament’s text were the African-American slaves. Slavery […]

  • Ray Bonneville Brings His Musical Masala to San Diego

    First there is the guitar, an electric, laying out a bass note/treble note ostinato. And there is the thump-pat-thump-pat of hard-soled shoes stamping on plywood. The harmonica fills out the sound, and Ray Bonneville leans down to the microphone with a song. The lyrics are not inscrutable, but there is a mystery there, something that […]

  • The Value of Things

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    What’s the value of a record? There are plenty of options with which to do your research. Websites, completed auctions, price guides, quality, songs, lyrics, melodies, one’s personal relationship. Value can take on so many different meanings in a land where perspectives are infinite. I bought a record at the swap meet this morning for […]