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  • FYI January 2020

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    This month we take a look back at those we lost in 2019, pose a question to two local legends, look back at the year’s best play, and chat with Quel Bordel. IN MEMORIUM The grim reaper hit the world of music hard in 2019 and San Diego was no exception. Here is a list […]

  • The Mothers of God

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    I language the world for a living. And though I hate to admit it (because it’s bad for business) it really can’t be done. As a writer, lecturer, and singer-songwriter, my entire career has been a quixotic battle to achieve the impossible. I strive to express what cannot be expressed. I oversell and under-deliver every […]

  • Dar Williams’ Journey Through a Thousand Towns

    Dar Williams has long traveled the troubadour-activist path, which is well-known. A close look at the footprints she has followed reveals her fellow travelers, teachers, and mentors with names like Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie, who lay mortal beneath the dust of time. Her travels will not allow them to be forgotten. But she has […]


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    Moz Live is the new album by the Chris Fast Band, who have been gigging all over SoCal. The blues quartet is fronted by Fast on vocals and harp, and the new disc was cut live in Laguna Beach. The ten tracks are blues combo standards (at least half by Little Walter), the idea was […]

  • Who Doesn’t Love a Good Old-Fashioned Square Dance? Clinton Davis Adds to his Vast Repertoire

    Southern Pacific Sessions has announced upcoming concerts in early 2020 in North Park, including a unique opportunity in January for attendees to square dance with a veteran caller and live music—no experience required. In February, they will feature an appearance by the St Louis Steady Grinders, an old-style piano and vocal band specializing in barrelhouse […]

  • Fats Waller

    From the archives; first appeared in the October 2007 issue of the San Diego Troubadour) It seems that September ain’t doing anything wrong when it comes to Fats Waller and his era, with two productions of Ain’t Misbehavin’ going on in town. Most notably the San Diego Rep will be doing the music revue through […]

  • Resolute in One’s Resolve Regarding Resolutions for 2020 and Beyond

    Steering left through the increasingly frigid winds of Arizona to head north toward Utah’s southern border, I am confronted by the undeniable majesty of the afternoon’s dramatic skies stretching out endlessly before me. Purples, oranges, blues and grays cascade and tumble into frothy white bursts of cumulus nimbi, giving the visual impression that the sky […]

  • TRIO DE JANEIRO: Close Your Eyes: James Taylor Reimagined

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    San Diego (by way of Brooklyn) flute virtuoso Lori Bell has been collaborating with singer/guitarist Ron Satterfield and percussionist Tommy Aros for many years under the aegis of Trio de Janeiro. They’ve developed a truly unique sonic signature that belies their rather sparse instrumentation: it’s not easy to get such a full sound without a […]


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    All of my high school writing instincts are shouting at me to begin this journey with “Webster’s defines altruism as …”, but I’m 41 now and that means I’m old enough to know that all my instincts are wrong. I’ve always considered myself an altruistic person. For instance, the other day at the grocery store, […]