Entries for April 2018

  • Why Some Folks Don’t Like Bluegrass

    In the last issue I addressed my thoughts on why bluegrass music is so popular in spite of the fact it is rarely found on commercial radio. This time, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why other people don’t like bluegrass music, perhaps explaining why it is seldom heard on the radio. […]

  • EDDIE LENHART: the place to be

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    Eddie Lenhart’s first album was back in 2008; Levittown found the local Americana singer/songwriter singing country-pop influenced songs, many of them introspective. He followed up with 2011’s Darkness, similar with more stripped-down arrangements. Both times, Lenhart wrote the music and surrounded himself with top-notch San Diego musicians. Lenhart is back with the place to be, […]

  • Joshua White Embraces a Radical Openness

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    Engaging in conversation with piano colossus Joshua White is somewhat akin to experiencing one of his live performances. There will be a natural, if unpredictable arc, it will behoove and reward the witness to pay close attention at all points. It can careen from one topic to the next, but it will highlight a unifying […]

  • Plugging Into Better

    Plugging Into Better In what can only be described as some sort of grand irony, the very first musical recordings couldn’t even be played back and listened to. The Phonautograph, developed and patented in Paris, France by Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville, circa 1857, was intended for “visual study.” The recordings, called phonautograms, were cut away […]

  • Kevin Roth and the Deviant Dulcimer

    Wake-up call What would you do if the doctors gave you a three-year prognosis? Seriously?! For most of us, this is at most an interesting thought exercise; for Kevin Roth, in 2015, it was his reality. Kevin won that round with the statistics and now lives with a new outlook on life and its possibilities. […]

  • My Life and Times with Arlo Guthrie and Family

    As Arlo, Sarah Lee, and Abe Guthrie return to the Belly Up with the Re: Generation Tour this month, I take a journey through my personal past and the impressions the family has left with me. Let’s let our hair down. It’s time to break the fourth wall. This story is admittedly a bit indulgent […]

  • Catching Up with Danny Green

    This year is turning into a big year for Danny Green. Last month the jazz pianist and educator received the Best Jazz award at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards. And the Danny Green Trio has just released their latest CD, One Day It Will (reviewed in next month’s issue). The new disk builds on […]

  • INDIAN JOE: Joe’s Rock

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    Indian Joe is familiar to many Troubadour readers for contributing guitar and songs to the Ramona band Dusty and the LoveNotes. Joe is a committed electric guitar specialist whose forte is straight ahead blues-rock guitar, and his influences are easily identified in his music: Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, Johnny Winter, and Billy Gibbons. In 2014, […]

  • San Diego Was Smokin’

    Back before Nashville became “the home of country music,” and the music was still called country and western, the San Diego area was a major center for the genre. The 1930s brought thousands of Dust Bowl refugees into the state, while the 1940s and the outbreak of World War II brought even more folks from […]