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  • Two OB Music Programs Strong in Variety and Quality

    It has been a long accepted assumption (although it is actually ‘fact’) that musicians and those who support them often eat on the run. Locally, one of the best examples of the human engine running may be found at Hugo’s, a popular Mexican eatery along busy Sunset Cliffs Blvd. in Ocean Beach. For the last […]

  • David Bowie!

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    This month we look at David Bowie’s visit’s to San Diego, San Diego musician’s thoughts on subject matter for possible future bio-pics and a new batch of reviews. David Bowie in San Diego Music icon David Bowie only performed in San Diego six times during his lengthy career and three* of those shows were as […]

  • With Intrigue as its Theme, Tiki Oasis 2017 Could Turn “Diabolik”

    Espionage will play a major role in this year’s Tiki Oasis festival, the annual San Diego tribal gathering where Martin Denny melodies and rum consumption happily co-exist in a mythical Polynesian paradise. With this year’s theme being “International Intrigue–Den of Spies, “attendees may expect cloak and dagger imagery, convincing (and unconvincing) foreign accents, and the […]

  • Telling-a-Vision circa ’67–Part 4

    The medium is the message. – Marshall McLuhan (1911—1980) Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye. – Bill Hicks (1961—1994) If there is still one hellish, truly accursed thing in our time, it is our artistic dallying with forms… We are all like victims, tied to the stake, signaling through […]

  • All Things in Time

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    Hello Troubadourians! I apologize right up front… This is not going to be one of my usual upbeat columns. No, this column is about profound loss on a very personal level. Recently, the Washington Post published an article titled “the slow, secret death of the electric guitar. And why you should care.” In short, the […]

  • August 2017 Calendar

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  • Shane Hall: Outside the Wire

    When your name is followed by the words singer/songwriter, two things are almost mandatory. First, you must possess a vast array of musical skill sets and second, you better have thick skin. Lucky for us, Shane Hall is totally focused on the prior and just shakes his head and laughs at the rest. “A lot […]


    Summergrass San Diego will celebrate 15 years at the historic Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum in Vista, during the weekend of August 18-20. Three terrific days of bluegrass fun and activities have been planned for the whole family. Tickets are now on sale at www.summergrass.net. Summergrass 2017 is very proud to bring stellar bands […]

  • ZZYMZZY QUARTET: Petite Fleur

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    The summer of 2017 thus far has heard a good amount of loud, crashing, dynamic music coming from my apartment–speed metal, hard rock and hard bebop, fast and infuriating. Understandably, noise complaints, frayed nerves, and headaches ensued before long, necessitating a change of music, both in tunes, tone, and mood. Rather handily, Petite Fleur by […]