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  • Tiki Oasis to Feature Distinctively Different Donna Loren

    For her ability to reach America from so many angles–recording artist, TV performer (including the seminal 1960s rock variety show, Shindig!), soft drink pitch spokeswoman and movie actress–it’s no mystery why Donna Loren is fondly recalled as one of the beaming faces from the era. In the last decade, there has been a energized re-focus […]

  • Eric Freeman: The Blueridge Boy

    Living the Blues Sitting down with Eric “the Blueridge Boy” Freeman and a guitar is like having access to a time machine–one that is calibrated for rural house parties and southern hoedowns that took place in the early 1900s. The man can take you on a comprehensive tour of first-generation blues artists, such as Robert […]

  • The Melodic Improvisation of DANE TERRY

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    Dane Terry has always loved music. You begin to recognize this when he speaks, but the moment he picks up his harp… it’s instantaneous. Terry grew up surrounded by musical influences–from the church, his family, and friends to local radio and records. “There was always music around.” He grins. So it shouldn’t come as any […]

  • Summergrass Offers Fun for All Ages, Not to Mention Top-Notch Bluegrass Music!!

    Summergrass San Diego, Southern California’s most exciting bluegrass music festival, is happening August 19-21, at the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum, 2040 North Santa Fe Road, Vista, a fascinating 40-acre outdoor museum displaying rural American culture. The place is perfect for a bluegrass festival! Great bands will grace the 2016 stage. Here’s the stage […]

  • Picking Up the Pieces

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    Hello Troubadourians! In an earlier column, I wrote about a phenomenon common to tube-based amplifiers where they have a “sweet spot,” which is the minimum volume that the amplifier can operate and still deliver a full spectrum of tonality. Some people call it “bloom” or “blend,” terms that are actually more apt from an electronics […]

  • Index of Fear

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    One of the more frightening recent events I personally witnessed was when several monkeys began flying out of Taylor Swift’s butt, seemingly intent on taking over the world. Then I woke up. 60 Minutes was on and Leslie Stahl (who’s sort of scary-looking herself) was interviewing Donald Trump and Mike Pence prior to the GOP […]

  • Chatter

    It is 5:29 p.m. July 22nd, three days past my deadline to turn in this column and I cannot write. Or at least, I haven’t until now… It’s not just the bills or the everyday busy-ness that goes on the service of going about paying them. Nor is it my little boy I am helping […]

  • SABA: Music from Life’s Lessons

    Saba, a musical talent so exquisite, her first name stands alone in recognition; last name need not apply. Saba, a woman that leaves an indelible impression–once met never forgotten. Saba, a dark-haired beauty that emulates humility while her eyes leave you breathless. Saba, a graduate cum laude from life’s school of hard knocks. Saba, a […]

  • Trains and More Trains

    I guess if you had to pick subject matter for songs, love songs and gospel songs rank right up there at the top, but at least in these United States right up there close to number three has to be songs about railroad trains. Other means of transportation get their due (i.e., cars and airplanes), […]