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    Folks with youngsters will want to catch Kids Ride Free. Designed with families in mind, North County’s JT Moring wrote and performed many of the tracks–singing and playing guitars, banjos, mandolins and other instruments, along with Annie Rettic (vocals, viola, ukulele) and Richie Strell (vocals, spoons, harmonica). The 14 tunes also include a few traditional […]

  • Appalachian Visionary: Blind Alfred Reed

    When it comes to topical songwriters and performers we often think of early pioneers like Woody Guthrie or, even earlier, Goebel Reeves (the Texas Drifter). Often the topical songs written were by record company house songwriters who wrote songs recorded by many artists. Unique among those who wrote and recorded their own material was the […]

  • Mike Bloomfield in San Diego

    It’s been mentioned by offhand wits that one’s younger days get hipper the more one speaks of them, an understandable response to a friend or stranger’s grand recollections about the times they’ve been near the famous, the legendary, the brilliant, the ignoble, the stylishly crude. But there’s no intention to brag that I had seen […]

  • MC, Hammered

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    Recently I was requisitioned to serve as host/announcer at two separate quasi-beauty pageants. The contestants were happily of the female gender. (Thank you, God.) My anticipation as the dates drew near turned me toward delirium even as my regular life threatened to collapse, rendering me all but oblivious of the army of authoritative berserkers who […]

  • BLAZE EISNER: Douglas

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    Douglas is the new EP from Blaze Eisner, who created some waves with his last release, 2012’s American Spirit, a sort of “concept EP” that earned an SDMA nomination. Eisner is a thinking person’s roots player; his original folk songs are inflected with lyrical heft, each song often tells a story. The new five-track album […]

  • Archie Thompson Writes his own Ticket

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    Archie Thompson, San Diego jazz musician par excellence, leans back in the chair of his office in the First Presbyterian Church on downtown San Diego’s 4th Avenue, in a small office space secreted above the chapel in the balcony, next to the pipe organ. The space is small, filled with his computers, a small drum […]

  • Navigating Miles

    Through the velvety dark stillness of 4am, a lone mockingbird runs through what seems to be its entire repertoire of songs, calls, and impersonations to a (mostly) still sleeping audience. I awake without my alarm’s assistance and make my way to the kitchen to brew a pot of coffee, gently closing doors for the still […]

  • Big Sur

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    Big Sur is impossible. It should not exist. But there it is. A crazy road clinging to the cliffs between San Simeon and Carmel. Lapis lazuli waters with sea otters at play. Grey fox pups peering up through the poppies. High above, California condors, back from the brink of extinction, set their ten foot wingspans […]

  • Back in Action with M. E. Law

    She’s a veteran performer, a singer/songwriter who has performed extensively in Canada, the Far East, and, more recently, Baja, California. Her  music is at the same time soft and ethereal and wickedly satirical and clever–with lyrics that have to be listened to. Her melodies may be Bossa Novas or floating folk themes and can change […]