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  • Story Time, part 2

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    Hello Troubadourians! In February I told you a story about “The Cash” and wrote about five Martins, one of which became the property of Mr. Johnny Cash. This is the story of one of those five siblings that became mine. As a refresher, the mythology goes that Johnny Cash was playing a gig at the […]

  • A Little Bluegrass History

    Let’s take a walk through a bit of San Diego history and remember some of the great bluegrass bands from our home town. For sure, there are lots of great bands who have visited and performed in San Diego, and there are several noteworthy professional bluegrass musicians of high stature who grew up and started […]

  • Ramblin’ Jack Elliott: A Living Legend Comes to Town

    Opportunities to see and hear a legend don’t come along all that often. On April 16, San Diego area folk music fans will get a chance to do just that, when Ramblin’ Jack Elliott appears in concert. A man whose life reads like it was lifted from the pages of a novel and who has […]

  • CORDELIA DEGHER: Open Up to Me

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    Open Up to Me is the debut EP by Cordelia Degher, a sampler of music by the 15-year-old daughter of Darius and sister of Cleopatra, who both have released CDs since fall 2014. Cordelia wrote three songs and co-wrote the fourth with dad, who produced with Jeff Berkley. Though ace musician Darius isn’t part of […]

  • Becoming Elvis

    When Declan Patrick MacManus was born in a London hospital in 1954, he was welcomed into the cradle of great musical traditions and pathways. It would be a road he would spend his life traveling. His mother, Lilian Alda, was a native of Liverpool, where, soon enough, John Lennon and Paul McCartney would soon meet. […]

  • Dead Crazy

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    Finally the Foolish month has arrived and my ears are free from further assault by terms like March Madness and brackets busted. Yippee! The local television news programs had become nauseating with so much “happy talk” among the anchors about “point one percent of those 13 million brackets” and “filling in your brackets” and bracket-this […]

  • CAROL WILLIAMS: Just Carol Compositions

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    Pipe organ music has a special gravitas and grandeur that no other instrument can convey, a sound aged through the centuries in the upper reaches of stone cathedrals, with chords that can sound like an orchestra in full voice and individual keys that can capture nuance as effectively as the finest string or woodwind. Most […]

  • April 2016 Calendar

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  • americana

    I stepped outside, bare feet and bathrobe to retrieve the newspaper from the driveway this morning as I do most every day. The first spears of daylight were fading in like distant dissonant feedback, bringing with them a swell of vibrant, almost tintinnabulatic activity. The calls, challenges, and, at times, absolutely mesmerizing songs of the […]