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  • A Pre-Tour Panic Attack from The Lovebirds’ Lindsay White

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    I sit up in bed sobbing and trying to catch my breath. I tell myself to get a grip, but panic attacks don’t like being told what to do, so I ride it out. My sweet girlfriend Audrie looks concerned as she shushes me in whispers, puts her hands on my shoulders and arms, and […]

  • Jazz Jam

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    Written by Will Edwards As Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) rolls through April, the Museum of Making Music (MOMM) in Carlsbad, CA is hosting a valuable series of live jazz performances that showcase a mix of local and national jazz artists.  On April, 12 I had the the opportunity to catch a live performance by noted […]

  • Java Joe’s New Digs in Normal Heights

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    Saturday April 26th marks the grand opening of Joe Flamini’s new Java Joe’s in the artsy neighborhood of Normal Heights. The grand opening concert will coincide with the annual Adams Ave Unplugged Festival and will feature local favorites such as Lisa Sanders, Jeff Berkley, Gregory Page and more! Don’t forget to stop by and support […]

  • The Jeffrey Joe Show Scheduled for Sunday Night

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    From ListenLocalSD: Jeffrey Joe will be recording his sophomore release at Berkley Sound this year. In an effort to get the balladeer and his studio musicians vibing before they head in to record, producer Jeff Berkley suggested they play a live event and invite some friends, maybe charge a little to help with recording costs. A kickstarter to […]

  • Songs about Home

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    I’ve recently been thinking about the concept of “home” as it pertains to music. While all of us have different experiences regarding what home might specifically mean to us, there is a universal quality we can all relate to about what home is supposed to feel like. I like examining these broadly relatable concepts in […]

  • Raelee Nikole Steps into her Spotlight

    At the age of 18 most of the population was graduating high school, making plans for college, working a part-time job, or just hanging out with friends and taking some time off, but Raelee Nikole is different. After graduating high school in May of 2013 and receiving acceptance letters from two California colleges Raelee made […]


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    One of the most talented singers here in San Diego is Lisa Hightower. Versatile, she has sung in quiet settings with Peter Sprague and performed with Sonic Epidemic, a horn-based ensemble that reprises the gems from Earth Wind and Fire, Steely Dan, Tower of Power, and other favorites from the seventies. Mark Augustin is another […]

  • MIKE BOWMAN: Red & Yellow: Stuck in Between

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    He’s in the process of putting together a full-length CD, after his debut EP Columbus Day, and Mike Bowman is keeping busy. Red and Yellow: Stuck in Between, the EP he is distributing at shows, is sort of a progress report. It continues the singer/songwriter chops he flashed on Columbus, with mostly the same pared-down […]

  • Mystery, Murder, Mayhem, and Magic: Ecstatic and Overstimulated at SXSW 2014

    Austin, Texas–South by Southwest (SXSW). The world’s largest music industry conference celebrated its 28th year of existence last month and like any ambitious young person seeking to make their way into the wider world, it is clearly experiencing a number of growing pains. Astrologically you could call it the Saturn Return of SXSW. And in […]