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  • Second Season of “Live at The Belly Up” to air on KPBS

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    New Announcements from our friends at Belly Up! Solana Beach, CA   The world famous Belly Up nightclub, founded in 1974 and renowned for bringing artists as diverse as Jimmy Buffett, Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg to Solana Beach, will start off 2014 in “live” fashion with the return of its successful television show, “Live At […]

  • Playoff Playlist for the San Diego Chargers

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    I don’t claim to be a die-hard football fan, but I do love a little hometown team spirit, which is why I’ll be wearing Chargers colors today along with Todd Gloria and whoever else got the memo. As the Bolts get read to head to Denver, I thought I’d put together a little good luck […]

  • Music Discovery: Mother Falcon

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    The internet is an amazing thing, isn’t it? The whole world is at your fingertips! The good, the bad, the Miley. It’s all there, and you are the captain of the ship, navigating your way through viral videos and Facebook timelines and Ted Talks and spam and – my favorite – new music! Let me […]

  • Tom Griesgraber and Bert Lams: Evolution of a Recording

    A generation after Columbia Records introduced the Long Play (or LP) record in 1948, rock performers advanced the format far beyond that of just collecting a number of songs on two sides of vinyl. The Beatles and other bands came up with “concept” albums, such as Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which were meant […]

  • Growing Up in Public: The Casbah Turns 25

    Who knows where the time goes? As another calendar year begins so does the realization that it has been two and a half decades since the premier rock venue in town, the Casbah, first opened its doors. More than any other club in the city of San Diego, the Casbah has presented the ideal blend […]

  • BEN WANICUR: The Excluded Middle

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    With his premier CD, The Excluded Middle, bassist Ben Wanicur gives us an exciting and engaging collection of jazz originals and covers. Joining Wanicur on this disk are drummer Charlie Weller, saxophonist Ian Tordella, and Peter Sprague on guitar. With a good, solid sound, Wanicur is an exceptional bassist. As an accompanist, he gives the […]

  • Birth of a Genre: San Diego’s own Fattburger helped create smooth jazz and showed what it might have been.

    In September of 1982, I turned 21 in San Diego — able at last to legally enter any bar I wanted. Like most newly-minted 21-year-olds, the alcohol was the main draw. But also, like many young people of the pre-Internet era, I quickly discovered that most of the best live music was performed at the […]

  • January 2014 Calendar

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  • Bluegrass Greets the New Year!

    Here we are in a brand new year, with lots to be thankful for in terms of the local bluegrass scene in San Diego. Let’s take a few moments to remind ourselves how much bluegrass there is in this area and how lucky we are (and not just for the weather!): JAM SESSIONS AND REGULAR […]