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  • THE WAYNE RIKER 5: Kindred Souls

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    Let’s face it, deep down inside even the most diehard of acoustic music lovers have a little corner of their music soul that digs the sound of a good blues guitarist laying down crisp, biting lead guitar solo lines. What makes local guitarist Wayne Riker’s music so appealing is that he has covered such a […]

  • Kickstarticle: An Article about Kickstarter

    The Internet provides an ocean of resources for independent artists; however, the market saturation of do-it-yourself (DIY) musicians makes it quite difficult for even the most talented acts to rise to the top. Other than musical ability, many other factors can contribute to or deter from an artist’s success. Luck (or fate, depending how you […]

  • THE LOVEBIRDS: And a One, and a Two

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    Three years ago, Lindsay White joined up with Veronica May, as both life and musical partners, grabbing plenty of attention last year with their debut disc together, Nutsy Pants, a quirky delight that pulled in the considerable vocal and songwriting talents of both local artists, adding an intangible joy that seemed to flow from their […]

  • Songwriters and How I Came to Know Some of Them!

    It used to be that Tin Pan Alley and other places like it wrote the songs and song pluggers and song publishers got them out to the folks who sang them. This whole idea of the singer-songwriter didn’t exist. Occasionally you had someone come along like Hank Williams who would write the majority of the […]

  • BILLY SHADDOX: Golden Fate

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    As the front man for local roots band Billy Midnight, Billy Shaddox was familiar to local roots music fans, Telecaster in hand, playing country rock, rockabilly, and boogie music with harmonies — and plenty of aggression and edge. His band was also on the cover of the Troubadour during its early years. Shaddox now hails […]

  • Flowing with MAGMA

    In the realm of modern recording, digital is now the name of the game. Whether you’re a top-tier commercial facility or an entry-level home recordist, at some point your music will be broken down into little 1’s and 0’s for later consumption. Bad news for those who long for an old-school approach and the smell […]

  • WOOKIE GARCIA: Songs from Ray’s Garage

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    “Eleven songs about life, love and the pursuit of happiness in the modern world…” That’s a pithy enough description but it doesn’t quite do justice to Chula Vista’s Wookie Garcia regarding their excellent debut (the quote is from their website). Rising out of the remnants of two other San Diego bands (Hatfield Rain and Usual […]

  • Chelsea Crowell Carries on the Family Tradition

    If the name of country music singer Chelsea Crowell has a ring of the familiar to it, you’re not mistaken. The daughter of musical luminaries Rosanne Cash and Rodney Crowell, the granddaughter of Johnny Cash, as might be expected, Chelsea Crowell’s music is definitely a slice of Americana, but there are darker shadings and atmospheres […]

  • Old and New Friends Come Together for GATOR BY THE BAY

    This year’s Gator by the Bay promises to bring to Spanish Landing this Mother’s Day weekend some old favorites, as well as some new sounds and performers. Having performed at every Gator by the Bay since its inception, the Bayou Brothers return this year with their proven repertoire of high-energy zydeco. “We’ve been together since […]